These Strong, Sturdy Cat Trees Are Ideal For Larger Breeds

Big cats need exercise too, and that's one of the major reasons why it's essential to look for toys that promote activity (even in the laziest of felines). The best cat trees for large cats are ones that are designed to handle the force of them jumping on and off with ease, and that are durable enough so that cats can play on them for hours without a risk that they might topple over or collapse from the weight.

Shopping for ultra-sturdy cat trees isn't easy, which is why I've touched on it already in another round-up. But not all cat trees (even sturdy ones) are ideal for cats that weigh over 15 pounds. While you could just invest in a massive cat tree designed for multiple pets as a workaround to this issue, if you live in a cramped apartment, that might not be feasible.

Finding a tower or condo that doesn't take up a ton of spacebut that can still hold a big cat is possible, you just need to know where to look. Amazon is a great source for all things shopping related, but this is especially true when it comes to kitty toys and supplies. After all, you don't want to waste your money on a tree that can't support the weight of that oh-so-special fat cat in your life.

Best Overall: This Multi-Tiered Tree That Provides Fat Cats With Plenty Of Room To Move

Equipped with five tiers that can help larger kitties leap for joy in more ways than one, this multi-level cat tree is actually the all-around best pick for larger cats, especially if you're looking for an investment that'll really last. Reviewers say this tree cat support cats up to 20 pounds or more, and because it's made with ultra-soft faux fur and a stylish print, pets can't help but want to snuggle down in it — especially inside of the cubby retreat featured on the lowest level. It also comes with a high-rise perch that's amazing for bird-watching and lounging, plus dangle ball toys and resting branches with sisal-wrapped supports that offer a tough and resilient scratching area. One reviewer raved: "Our oldest cat is a 19 pound mammoth mix, mostly Maine Coon. Our youngest cat is a Bombay, around 10 pounds ... Even if your cats are a bit crazy like ours during play time ... it is amazing how it does not tip over at all. Butt it up against a wall and you're done."

Best Budget Cat Tree: This Ultra-Stable Pick That's Great For Cats Up To 20 Pounds

Cheap — but by no means cheap in quality — this incredibly affordable cat tree is the must-have you need to grab if you're shopping on a budget but still want to give larger cats a space of their own to play. Beige-colored and easy to blend into any casual setting, this tree is 52 inches tall and comes with an angled cubby, so it'll actually fit into corners or tight spaces in a room pretty seamlessly. The hideaway cubby featured here is an irresistible snuggle spot for cats because of its spaciousness. Plus, it includes two additional tiers that are great for perching, pouncing, lounging, and stretching out. The faux fur lining this tree, which is made out of pressed wood, also gives it an added softness that cats are sure to love. One reviewer wrote: "My cats are pretty big [17 pounds] and they love this thing!"

Most Luxurious: This Incredibly Plush Perch That Can Hold Up To 88 Pounds (No, But Seriously)

It might seem unthinkable, but this cat tree was actually designed to hold up to 88 pounds. Let that sink in: 88 pounds. Plush and oh-so-cozy, this luxurious pick is made with seriously sturdy wood and is constructed with enough durability so that large cats can leap with ease and land without any risks that the bed will wobble or fall over. At 44 inches in height, this isn't the tallest tree featured on this list, but it's definitely one of the most resilient. It also comes with an incredibly thick pillow that you can remove and wash, which is essential if you've got multiple dark-haired kitties. "My [25-pound] Maine Coon absolutely loves this! The upper shelf is large enough for him to lay comfortably, but it's not too high to make it difficult to get up on."

Most Accessible: This Super Compact Cat Perch That's Perfect For Senior Cats, Too

Cat trees are great for promoting activity, especially in overweight or super lazy felines. However, when it comes to geriatric cats, you have to tread a careful line because too much physical activity could actually leave them physically uncomfortable. This cat tree is a great workaround to this issue because it prompts more activity in pets without putting too much extra stress on them. Made from solid wood — which provides a heavier and sturdier platform for larger cats — this three-level tower makes lounging safe for cats. It also comes with two natural, unoiled sisal rope scratching posts that promote healthy scratching behavior and nails. "I like it enough for my 16 pound cat," wrote a reviewer. "He fits on it well and loves to hide on it since the shelves are pretty shaded and makes him feel sheltered."

Most Multi-Functional: This Totally Versatile Tree That You Can Also Use As A Bookcase

Are you living in an apartment or shared living space with limited storage? You can still give your cat everything they need to let loose and have fun with this multi-functional tree, which also doubles as a storage solution for your home. Unlike most other cat trees made out of pressed wood, faux fleece, and sisal rope, this ultra-modern pick is made of heavy-duty wood and available in black or white. With its glossy finish, this tree makes for a charming fixture in common spaces. It comes with six distinct levels, perfect for climbing, scratching, and playing. The first level of this 67-inch tree also features sisal scratching material, so cats still get that ability to claw as they would with other trees but on a flat surface. This tree includes a cubby hole with a hiding space, too, which reviewers say is spacious enough to fit most large cats. While the cost on this tree is higher than most options, you really get a lot of bang for your buck with this option. Case in point: It can also work as a bookcase or space for organizing things.

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