With More Metrics & Handy Apps, These 5 Smart Scales Are A Step Up On Your Goals

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Say goodbye to the traditional analog scale, and hello to an upgrade; the best smart scales can measure a wide range of changes in your body, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and help you easily keep track of your health.

How do smart scales work?

Most smart scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis technology, and that fancy term just means that the scale sends super weak electrical currents through your feet in order to get the measurements. It doesn’t hurt — in fact, you won’t even feel it. However, if you’re pregnant or have an electrical implant (like a pacemaker) you shouldn't use a scale with bioelectrical impedance.

How do I pick the best smart scale?

Think about the following factors when picking out the best smart scale for your needs:

  • Measurements: Some smart scales are on the simpler side and only track a few measurements, while others can provide a whole bunch of different measurements (like bone mass and muscle mass). Think about which metrics are essential for you.
  • Compatibility: Most smart scales connect to a dedicated free app. Some can even sync the data to additional apps like the Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health apps. Make sure that your smart scale syncs with any apps that you want to use.
  • Wi-Fi versus Bluetooth connectivity: All of these smart scales pair with your smartphone using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A Wi-Fi-connected scale is super easy to use and will automatically send the data to your phone, but it tends to be a pricier pick. If you choose a Bluetooth-connected scale, you need to have your phone relatively close by in order for the data to be transmitted to the app.
  • Users: If a lot of people need to use the smart scale, make sure to pay attention to how many users can track data. Some of my picks below allows for unlimited users, while most options only allow for eight or so.

Smart scales tend to be pricier than their non-smart counterparts, so to help you make the best buying decision, I narrowed this list down to the five best smart scales and even included a budget-friendly pick that’s less than $30.

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The Overall Best: A Smart Scale That Allows Unlimited Users & Measures 14 Metrics

  • Connection type: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Users: Unlimited

This impressive smart scale from Runcobo measures a whopping 14 different metrics, including water percentage, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, and protein. Best yet, it allows for unlimited users to track their progress and can even intelligently identify and match users, sending the data to the corresponding user profile on the Runcobo app. It can also sync data with Apple Health, Google Fit, or the Fitbit app. Oh, and did I mention that the smart scale works on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

The scale has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon and one reviewer wrote, “I am thoroughly impressed. There is so much I love about the data I get from the scale. [...] This smart scale has an attractive design and premium feel with the glass. This is the best thing to happen to me in my fitness journey. Don't hesitate - get this scale now and be armed with knowledge about your body.”


The Runner-Up: A Fan-Favorite Scale For A Little Less

  • Connection type: Wi-Fi
  • Users: 8

With more than 1,500 reviews on Amazon and a four-star rating, this Wi-Fi-connected smart scale from Greater Goods is a favorite among reviewers, with many noting that it is easy to use and, more importantly, highly accurate. One reviewer wrote, “I researched different body composition scales for a while and finally took the plunge with this one - and I'm so happy I did!! [...] It synced immediately and the app is very easy to use and nicely laid out.”

The scale features an extra-large, backlit LCD screen which is simple to read and measures a variety of different things, including muscle mass and bone mass. View your stats in the free Weight Gurus app, which is also designed for use with other apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. Up to eight people can track metrics using this scale.


A Smart Scale That Can Pair With 100+ Fitness & Health Apps

  • Connection type: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Users: 8

With this smart scale from Withings, your stats appear automatically via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the free Health Mate app, which then syncs with more than 100 health and fitness apps (including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit). This pick even works with Amazon Alexa. Up to eight users can access their personal metrics, including water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass.

Amazon reviewers noted that this pick is the real deal if you're willing to spend a bit more. “It is AWESOME! The scale is sleek and modern and the readings are always accurate. [...] The app is also easy to use and gives you lots of great data and tracks your progress. One of my best purchases,” one wrote.


A Smart Scale That Is Designed For Fitbit Users

  • Connection type: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Users: 8

Fitbit users agree that this smart scale from Fitbit pairs perfectly with their device and is a no-brainer if you’re looking for an easy way to track a range of data. The scale uses Wi-Fi to sync stats automatically to your Fitbit dashboard, and makes it super easy to keep up with your progress thanks to easy-to-read graphs. You can set it up using Bluetooth.

This pick recognizes up to eight users. Amazon reviewers love this smart scale, with one writing: “The Aria was easy to set up and sync to Fitbit. Weighing myself on a conventional scale gave an incomplete picture and required me to keep a paper journal. [...] My health goals will be easier to achieve because I can readily access my Fitbit dashboard on my android phone. This product has met my expectations.”


A Budget-Friendly Smart Scale

  • Connection type: Bluetooth
  • Users: Unlimited

Get a stellar smart scale on a budget with this pick from RENPHO. This smart scale measures 13 different metrics (including muscle mass, bone mass, and protein) for an unlimited number of users. All of the data is sent via Bluetooth to the RENPHO app, which then syncs with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit apps.

This pick has more than 25,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating, with reviewers commenting that it is totally worth the purchase, especially at the under $30 price. “Very accurate. [...] Great and easy to use app. [...] Overall, this is a great and accurate scale. FIVE STARS,” one wrote.