The 6 Best Peel-Off Masks For Oily Skin


Having oily skin year round can be quite a conundrum. We're fortunate that our skin produces sebum to protect itself, but on the other hand, that means we’re saturated in oil. Applying one of the best peel-off face masks for oily skin can balance sebum production whilst protecting us from breakouts and clogged pores. The tricky thing about peel-off masks, though, is finding one that absorbs excess oil and still leaves skin feeling hydrated. I’ve lived through the irony of innocently applying a mask to absorb extra oil and found myself peeling off part of my face along with it. Clearly, not all formulas are created equal, so it’s super important to find one that won’t leave your skin irritated and dehydrated.

Peel-off masks are often a mixture between a gel and a cream that solidifies after you apply it. Once you’ve waited the allotted time (each product is different), you’ll be peeling away impurities, extra oil, and bacteria from your skin. If you have a super oily complexion, you might think a peel-off mask that dries your skin out is a good thing — but remember, the oil produced by our sebum glands is how our skin keeps itself nourished and protected. Often, we produce extra oil when our skin is feeling defensive, and dryness can definitely trigger that. A great peel-off mask should leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth afterwards.

The good thing is you don’t have to sacrifice your skin by testing out one of the best peel-off masks. The ones below will balance oil production and keep breakouts at bay, while still leaving your complexion moisturized.