These Sturdy Christmas Tree Stands Are The Key To A Hassle-Free Holiday

In order to build anything great, you need a solid foundation — and your Christmas tree is no exception. The best Christmas tree stands for the holidays are low-key the most important part of your decorating experience. Why? Because the holiday season won't feel all that festive if someone has to yell "timber" for a second time... in your living room.

First thing's first: Real tree stands and artificial tree stands are not the same, and they can't be used interchangeably. Artificial trees almost always use a thin pole in the center, and as a result, stands made for real (thicker) trunks will likely be too big. Narrow down your needs before you start shopping to avoid headaches and returns.

Next, keep in mind that proper measurements are everything. Whether they're made for artificial trees or real ones, even the best Christmas tree stands will fail you if you if they don't fit correctly. If you haven't already, measure your tree height as well as your pole/trunk diameter. (If you haven't gone out to chop one down yet, bring a tape measure with you and be very conscious of the height — both for the sake of your ceiling and your base.) All stands have a fixed height capacity and if your tree is any taller, it'll probably end up horizontal on your floor.

All measured? Awesome. Now that you know exactly what you're looking for, check out these seven stands for all different kinds of trees. They're all highly-rated because they're sturdy, easy to use, and give you the festive foundation you're looking for.


The Overall Best Stand For Real Christmas Trees

It's a number-one best seller in Amazon's Christmas tree stands category for a reason. Instead of pegs that you have to tighten one by one, this model has five claws that automatically straighten themselves with a strong cable. It also has a foot pedal for effortless tightening, a sturdy lock to secure everything in place, and a water level indicator so you know when the tree is dehydrated.

The Krinner Tree Genie stand has reviewers saying, "This is by far the BEST Christmas tree stand I have ever used. After years of cursing the little screws and fighting like cats and dogs over the straightness of the tree, this item has restored balance to Christmas!"

This one is made for real trees only and comes in four sizes — medium for trees up to 7 feet, large for trees up to 8 feet, XX large for trees up to 12 feet, and XXL double if you're going even bigger than that.


The Most Affordable Stand For Real Christmas Trees

Maybe you're on a budget this Christmas, or maybe it's your first year with a real tree and you want to try it out before you commit to a $100 stand. Never fear. The Good Tidings Express System is just $20, and it's suitable for a real tree up to 10 feet tall with a trunk of 7 inches in diameter.

It also has a pretty sizable reservoir (with a spill-guard) that holds up to 8 quarts of water, and you only need a few inches of exposed trunk to use this one. Reviewers say it's "super easy to tighten," it's "very sturdy," and it "looks great" under a skirt, thanks to its sloped edges.

Buyers should note however, that this stand is made out of plastic and uses metal screw threads, this one probably won't last you more than a couple of years.


The Most Hassle-Free Stand For Real Christmas Trees

Thanks to its special swiveling mechanism, the Dyno Swivel one-minute tree stand ensures you don't have to worry about short or irregular trunk shapes making your tree appear uneven. With this stand, there's "no need to get a tree with a hole bored up the trunk (as some stands require), and no need to have multiple folks help you get it in the stand correctly." Just screw the bolts into the cup and slip it onto the tree trunk (while the tree is lying down on its side). Then, tighten the screws and lift the tree into the base. The convenient foot petal allows the base to swivel, so you can adjust the tree to the perfect angle.

Buyers say it's one of the best investments they've made because it's so easy to use — and since it's constructed out of durable metal parts, it'll last you years and years. In fact, it's one of the only stands that's also suitable for outdoor use. The measurements aren't explicitly stated, but one buyer says it works for their 10-foot tree, no problem.


The Most Durable Stand For Real Christmas Trees

Looking for something reasonably priced, but made to last? The JACK-POST tree stand offers you the best of both worlds. Its all-steel base, corrosion-resistant bolts, and carefully-welded tubular legs ensure stability for trees up to 12 feet tall — and for many years to come.

There's also a 1.7-gallon water reservoir that's easy to access, but according to reviewers, "[makes] watering less frequent" because it holds enough for a few days at a time.

This pick features red stabilizers on the ends of the legs, which, buyers say, "keep it from scratching their floor."

Buyers should note that according to a small percentage of reviewers, the bolts can be hard to tighten since they work individually — especially when it comes to larger trees. In other words, don't try setting this one up without a second person.


A Decorative Stand For Real Christmas Trees

Most stands are made for durability over aesthetics, so your only option is hiding it underneath a Christmas tree skirt. The John Wright Heirloom tree stand, however, is made for both. Yes, the cast-iron construction, metal screws, and rust-resistant finish prevent cracks, stripping, and chips — but the festive red color and intricate cut-out design make it a stand that you'll want to show off.

This stand is suitable for tree trunks up to 5 inches in diameter and tree heights up to 8 feet tall. It utilizes a tapered cast-iron spike in the middle of the base, which not only creates a more secure fit for your tree, but also makes the water reservoir sturdier and more effective.

"Beautifully made, truly a work of art. Don't even think about covering it," one reviewer says. And, if the red color isn't your favorite, this company also makes one in green.


The Overall Best Stand For Artificial Christmas Trees

Most fake trees come with their own stands, but for those that don't — or for those that desperately call for a replacement — the National Tree stand is your best bet.

It's made primarily from sturdy steel but features rubber ends to avoid scratching your floor. This one is suitable for trees with a 24-inch pole diameter and a height from 6.5 to 8 feet tall, and it even comes with an adapter that'll fit 1.25-inch poles, too. Be very careful which size you order (read: no rounding), because the measurements are extremely specific.

Not your size? Luckily, you can choose from five different pole diameters. The single thumb screw is easy to tighten on your own, and the stand effortlessly straightens thanks to the center chute.

When the holidays are over, this one even folds up flat for easy storage.


The Best Rotating Stand For Artificial Christmas Trees

Here's another one for artificial trees — and it's sure to have all your guests adequately impressed this season. The Morris Costumes rotating tree stand holds fake trees up to 8.5 feet tall and up to 1.25 inches in diameter. Once your tree is set up, this stand allows it to rotate 360 degrees around, so you can show off all your ornaments — not just the ones in the front.

It has separate switches for lights and rotations, a smart tangle-free cord design, and a built-in circuit protector to keep you safe. "You will never enjoy something more at Christmas. The tree sparkles so nicely as it turns," one reviewer raves.

Again, double-check your measurements before you purchase, as this stand won't fit any poles thicker than 1.25 inches. Also, since you're dealing with a motor and plastic parts, this pick obviously isn't as durable as other stands.

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