The Activists Who Performed With Common & Andra Day At The Oscars Are A Seriously Impressive Bunch

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In the midst of performing a distinctly commanding rendition of "Stand Up For Something," Andra Day and Common brought activists onto the Oscars stage, including representatives from both the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements. The soulful track, from the Marshall film soundtrack, was up for Best Original Song at Sunday night's Oscars ceremony. And, while "Stand Up For Something" might not have taken home an award this year, the performance proved as gripping as ever.

In light of the song's burgeoning socio-political relevance (it's become a sort of anthem over the past few months, cropping up during the L.A. Women's March back in January and again as a rallying cry for gun violence prevention in February), Common and Day hand-picked a stacked lineup of ten activists to join them onstage during the moving performance. Common, who is a noted activist himself, sang his VIPs' praises during a pre-show interview with the L.A. Times on March 4. He said,

"The activists we asked to join us on stage are people who have dedicated their lives to making the world better. For some because their own personal experiences have driven them to this place, and some because they've seen the injustices going on in the world and felt they had to take action."

According to the Times' report, Day echoed Common's sentiments. "I am truly honored to share the stage with such powerful people," she said. "People who work, sacrifice and have fought through their personal pain to make the world a better place."

Meet the activists who joined Common and Andra Day onstage below.

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