The Backstreet Boys Admit Their Guilty Pleasure & It Gets Our Final Rose

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Try as the cliff jumping dates and sweat sniffing dates might, I don't know if any The Bachelor group date will ever top a certain group date that happened on Nick Viall's season. A certain group date that, dare I say it, has got it going on. On the third episode of Season 21, The Nick Carter, The AJ McLean, The Brian Littrell, The Howie Dorough, and The Kevin Richardson played a role in Viall's quest to find love. It was absolutely beautiful. It's been five weeks and I am still thinking about the Backstreet Boys' time on The Bachelor. I want to tell you I'm sorry, I want to tell you don't worry, but I really can't imagine a group date that could hold a candle to doing the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" choreography with the Backstreet Boys. That group date was like a warm, loving hug from the pop culture gods.

So, how did this hug, er, cameo happen? In a recent interview with Billboard, Dorough shed a little light on how BSB's larger than life Bachelor appearance came to be. “Our manager, Jen Sousa, is the biggest Bachelor fan in the world, I have to call her out,” Dorough told Billboard. “It was definitely her mission to get us on that show."

Welp, looks like I am forever indebted to Sousa. Dorough continued,

"And we all can’t deny watching it, whether it's in our downtime with our wives, or maybe accidentally by ourselves. Whether it’s a pleasure or a guilty pleasure, we’ve been fans of the show throughout the years.”

Once more for the people in the nosebleeds: Whether it’s a pleasure or a guilty pleasure, we’ve been fans of the show throughout the years. Sounds like the Backstreet Boys became members of Bachelor Nation long before their Bachelor performance. They ~get it.~


You said it, Corn. And with that, here's the greatest Bachelor group date of all time.

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If I had a long-stemmed rose, I'd hand it to this group date.