The Best "Stupid Things I Used To Do" Tweets To Remind You That No One's Perfect

If anything, life is about learning from your mistakes so you don't make them twice. And to celebrate moving on from past blunders, folks on Twitter are using the hashtag #StupidThingsIUsedToDo as an opportunity to talk about their new found maturity — and to have a laugh at their own expense.

Goethe once wrote: “By seeking and blundering we learn," which is either a really constructive revelation or a way to make humans feel better about screwing up so damn much. Ask anyone in your life about a habit or a lifestyle choice that they now realize wasn't the brightest, and they're sure to have a laundry list of 'em. For instance: I used to think drinking a green smoothie was the same thing as eating vegetables, that dating broke, flaky musicians was a smart relationship choice, and that the more stressed out I was, the more likely I was to succeed. I could go on. When I asked my older sister the same question, she rattled off the following: having teased bangs, slut-shaming her frenemies, and trying to please a completely un-pleasable boss.

Here are a few of the kinds of stupid things Twitter users no longer do:

1. Social Things

2. Romantic Things

3. Everyday Things