The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Mar. 9

What a week it's been. In addition to all the regular craziness that happened these past few days, yesterday was, of course, A Day Without a Woman, where ladies everywhere went on strike or spoke out in other ways for the contributions women have made and continue to make to society. It was an incredibly powerful day, and Bustle was proud to be a part of it, going dark for 24 hours to show our support.

Now, we're back in action, and the news certainly isn't slowing down. Here's a look at all the events that occurred today, March 9:

The Women's Strike + What We Did

As mentioned, Bustle and Romper both went totally dark on Wednesday because of the strike, and our editors spent the day volunteering, attending rallies, and showing their support for their fellow ladies in many other ways. We weren't the only ones doing our part, of course; as these powerful photos from the Women's Strike show, countless women (and even, coincidentally, the Statue of Liberty) spent the day making their voices heard in whatever ways they could.

Fun Fact: In honor of the strike, a "Fearless Girl" statue was installed in front of the "Charging Bull" on Wall Street. It's an incredibly cool statue, and hopefully its temporary installation will become permanent.

Game Of Thrones + Season 7

Get ready, Thrones fans: Not only was a new poster released yesterday, but the GoT Season 7 premiere date was announced this afternoon after a verrrrrrry slow build-up. The new episodes will premiere on July 16, which means there are only a few months to go until the show comes back on the air. Finally.

Bach Nation Update: Bachelor in Paradise couple Jade and Tanner are having a baby. Aww.

Makeup Artists + Sailor Moon

If you were obsessed with Sailor Moon as a kid (and who wasn't?), then you're gonna freak out over this makeup artist's transformation into every fave Sailor Moon character. The looks are so, so cool.

Trend Alert: Kristen Stewart shaved her head, and it looks amazing.

Anne Hathaway + A Powerful Speech

Many celebrities spent International Woman's Day speaking out about women's issues, and Anne Hathaway was no exception. On Wednesday, the actor gave a powerful speech at the U.N. all about parental leave and the challenges women face in balancing work and motherhood. Watch the amazing speech ASAP.

Role Model Alert: As if she wasn't cool enough already, Emma Watson spent Wednesday hiding feminist books around NYC, calling herself the "ninja book fairy."

Beauty & The Beast + New Clothes

Check this out, '90s kids: Beauty and the Beast-themed clothing is everywhere right now, and some of these pieces are truly great. Stock up on princess gowns, embroidered jackets, and everything in between before the movie premieres next week.

Save the Date: Lorde's album officially has a release date — June 16!!!

Today's WTF Moment: Here's why Nicole Kidman clapped so weirdly at the Oscars.

What to Watch: Stay in and watch Shondaland shows on ABC, or head out to the movies for opening night of Kong: Skull Island.