Bustle's Editors On Chrissy Teigen + 'Riverdale'

Hello, hello! Happy Thursday (and last day of summer), everyone. If you're already gearing up for the weekend despite there being one day left in the workweek, you're not alone. For many of us, the start of fall could not come sooner, so here's hoping this weekend is a perfect start to the season.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's a recap of everything you need to know from today, Sept. 21:

Big Brother + Who Won

Last night was the season finale of Big Brother, and unsurprisingly, it was a pretty drama-filled installment. Spoilers ahead! Josh may have won Big Brother 19 and taken home the grand prize, but Cody won America's Favorite Player, and both reveals came with some intense reactions. Until next time, BB.

LOL: The saga of Chrissy Teigen and the ripe bananas is the best thing you'll read all day.

Riverdale + A Scary Accident

On Thursday afternoon, it was reported that KJ Apra, aka Riverdale's Archie, was in a car accident. The incident occurred when the actor fell asleep at the wheel while driving home after a 16-hour day on set. Thankfully, Apra is OK, but the accident has allegedly caused other Riverdale cast and crew members, like Cole Sprouse, to protest the show's lack of transportation for actors working late hours. Here's hoping Apra has a speedy recovery.

And Speaking Of Riverdale... A dark Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot is happening, coming from the Riverdale showrunners. Count us in.

Bisexual Awareness Week + Stigma

Bisexual awareness week goes on until Sept. 23, and with so much misinformation out there about what it actually means to be bisexual, taking the time to celebrate and highlight the community couldn't be more important. As these popular myths about bisexuality prove, bi erasure is all too real, and it's on us to not contribute to it even further.

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Graham-Cassidy + What To Know

If you haven't heard, the newest version of the Republican-backed health care bill is the Graham-Cassidy bill, and unsurprisingly, it's causing a ton of controversy. Although the full effects of the bill, if passed, aren't yet known, it is clear that Graham-Cassidy would seriously hurt Planned Parenthood — not to mention anyone suffering from a pre-existing condition. Call your reps, guys.

Pro Tip: According to science, the best way to recover from failure is not to think about why things went wrong, but to allow yourself to feel bad for a bit before trying again.

Sephora + Holiday Gifts

Let's be honest here: even though the holidays are still a couple months away, you've totally started thinking about what you want. Well, you're in luck, because Sephora's 2017 holiday gift guide is here and it's filled with all the hair, makeup, and skincare products a beauty lover could want. Now, if only there was a way to subtly tell your loved ones...

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Today's WTF Moment: You have to see Queen Elizabeth's terrifying childhood dolls.

What to Watch: Superhero fans, get ready: it's the Season 4 premiere of Gotham tonight on FOX at 8.