'The Catch' Is Joining The TGIT Lineup & This Clip Shows Why We're So Excited


If there's anything you crave on a Thursday, it's probably a little me time. And if there's any way to enjoy "me time," it's by watching television. So when shows like The Catch join the TGIT lineup (Thursdays at 10|9c) — aka your favorite night of television — there's no such thing as being too excited.

If you love unlikely romances, mysterious capers, and genius criminal minds, this show is sure to be your new obsession. It follows brilliant private eye / agent of justice Alice Vaughan, who falls for ex-conman Benjamin Jones — currently serving time behind bars to protect her.

And though she's a strong woman if there ever was one, that doesn't mean that the pressure and stress of your love life being an actual roller coaster isn't a whole lot to bear. In the following clip, Alice sits down with her immature yet lovable brother (T.R. Knight from Grey’s Anatomy) to talk about how things are going with her charming conman fiancé.

Aside from the fact that he's been stabbed and kidnapped from federal prison, things are good!

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Yeesh! You thought your love life was complicated.

As if you needed MORE reasons why we’re looking forward to The Catch joining TGIT Thursday at 10|9c. Let us count the ways.

You Can Never Have Too Many Strong Female Leads


Just when you thought that the TGIT lineup couldn't get more stacked with badass women, Alice Vaughan joins the fold. As the co-owner of her own LA private investigation firm, she's a brilliant researcher and an all-around fixer. Sure, her love life might need some fixing, but professionally, she is killing it.

A New Con Each Week


At the top of the episode, we may find Ben behind bars, but he doesn’t remain on the inside for long! After striking a deal with the FBI, he agrees to go undercover to help the feds take down legendary con-artists like himself. This means that every week there's a new mark, a new caper, and new twists and turns to follow.

And Romance. All The Romance


Sure, Ben and Alice have a significant obstacle in their way — the whole "undercover mission" debacle, to be specific. But when we do see them together, things are sweet, steamy, and undeniably titillating. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

This article is sponsored by the ABC Television Network. The Catch returns Thursday, March 9 at 10|9c on ABC.

Image: ABC