e.l.f. Is Taking Their Viral "Eyes. Lips. Face." TikTok Challenge To A Whole New Level

"Eyes Lips Face" music video
e.l.f. Cosmetics

TikTok is officially a hit maker. After e.l.f. Cosmetics launched its #eyeslipsface challenge in October, the catchy original track, "Eyes Lips Face" has been popping up everywhere. And now, it's officially making the jump from TikTok challenge to certified bop with a new "Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.)" music video.

The song, created by e.l.f. Cosmetics in partnership with ILL Wayno and featuring Holla FyeSixWun, started as part of a social media giveaway campaign. e.l.f. asked fans to post videos using the song, and showing off their "(s)e.l.f. confident moves" with the hashtag #eyeslipsface, and fans quickly hopped on board. Users generated 2.8 million Tiktok videos under the tag. The challenge became so popular, influencers, like Brittany Broski, aka "kombucha girl," jumped on the bandwagon. As did celebrities, including Jessica Alba, who put her "#cleanbeauty" spin on it, and even Terry Crews. According to a press release from e.l.f., videos with the hashtag have earned over 4 billion views.

Not only that, but it's become a certified Spotify hit, making its way to number 4 on the Spotify Global Viral chart, according to a press release. And fans can already purchase the track on Apple Music. In other words: this isn't just a TikTok challenge anymore, it's a movement.

The song is so popular, it inspired Republic Records to partner with e.l.f. cosmetics to release a whole music video, which features women expressing their style through makeup, and, of course, dance moves. While the video does, of course, feature some e.l.f. products, it's not trying to hype up a specific product. Instead, it's more about the power of makeup, and how it can help men and women feel good in their skin. And, hey, if makeup isn't your thing, you've still got eyes, lips, and a face to show off. And that's what "Eyes. Lips. Face." is all about.