The Glitter Undercut Is Like Bedazzling Your Hair, Only Better

The undercut, which everyone from Rihanna to Katy Perry has sported at some point in their fashionable lives, is getting a refresh and an update for Spring/Summer, prom, and festival 2017 seasons. Glitter undercuts are the latest Instagram-worthy hair trend because who needs flower crowns, basic black ponytail holders, charms that you can flatiron into your strands, or any other accessory when you can have glittery hair! Glitter undercuts are just another way to get unicorn hair.

Salt Lake City hairstylist Serah Shirley posted the most gorgeous, detailed, and colorful glitter undercut. Seriously, peep her Instagram and admire her work, which is colorful, whimsical, fun, and downright pretty whether it's a dip-dye or a total ombre fade.

There are infinite options when it comes to the glitter undercut — from the design and/or shape that is razored into your head to which glitter hue you choose to sprinkle over your locks. Search the #glitterundercut hashtag and start taking inspo.

I am a wear-my-hair-down-all-the-time type of girl. But I'd be so game to toss my hair into a high pony or a messy bun if I was showing off a glam and glittery underside.

Peep the Shirley-posted glitter undercut, which is nothing less than a work of art.

There is a lot going on here — from the actual design to the glitter to the hair color to the fact that she is also rocking braids. It's as busy as it is absolutely amazing.

Guy Tang on YouTube

You can live the glitter undercut vicariously with this video, too! The glitter undercut is totally punk rock and it has come to an Insta feed near you.