'Lost City Of Z' Clip Shows Sienna Miller's Character Is A Boss

Amazon Studios

The upcoming film adaptation of The Lost City of Z tells the true story of a man who had no fear in exploring the dangerous unknown in order to achieve greatness. The film also showcases his strong female counterpart who has the same innate fight and gumption. Charlie Hunnam stars in the movie, out April 14, based on David Grann’s novel of the same name — a true story of Lt. Col. Percy Fawcett's fascinating discovery of an ancient city in the Amazon, which led to his mysterious disappearance in 1925. In this exclusive clip from the film, his wife (Sienna Miller), shuts down the assumption that she isn't physically or mentally fit for the adventure because she's a woman.

Fawcett dubbed the name of the city he fearlessly and obsessively explored as "Z." On a quest to find proof of an advanced, unknown civilization, the British explorer was mocked by scientific establishments, as native communities were thought of as savages. Fawcett's journey was unexpectedly dangerous in more ways than one. But in this clip, his wife refuses to believe the physically-demanding quest is one she's not cut out for because of her gender.

"Not a place for a woman? We believe firmly the equality between us," she says firmly to her husband. "I believe it is generally ignored, the pain a woman experiences during childbirth far exceeds anything a man must endure."

What a boss. If that doesn't provide inspiration for the rest of the day, I don't know what will.