The Makeup Item Rachel Bilson Doesn't Miss From Her 'OC' Days

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When early '00s teen drama The OC went off the air, Rachel Bilson was just 25. Ten years later, the actor has countless other projects under her belt (Hart Of Dixie, anyone?), as well as a handful of impressive collaborations. Bilson's career has grown and developed into something totally separate from her character of Summer on The OC. But, for those of us who grew up watching that angsty California series (ah, I can hear the theme song playing now), her role is pretty unforgettable.

A busy actor and mom these days, Bilson tells me that easy, everyday makeup is more her speed in her day-to-day life. However, there is one makeup item from The OC that you really won't see in her medicine cabinet now. "I mean, definitely, like the lip gloss, your hair is just plastered to your mouth. It's not fun or attractive," Bilson says. "I'd say definitely stay far away from the lip gloss."

Despite it seeming really inconvenient in certain situations (the kissing booth episode in Season 1, anyone?), Summer was always rocking the lip gloss. These days, Bilson is choosing a simpler option over sticky glosses — ChapStick.

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While lip gloss may not be in Bilson's medicine cabinet, she tells me she's all about a super natural minimal everyday look, one that almost always includes ChapStick.

"My beauty routine is pretty minimal. I always, you know, wash my face and moisturize. I just like things simple, so I'll just put my ChapStick on and mascara and that's pretty much it," Bilson says.

"I like the minty [ChapSticks]. When they do the candy cane ones for Christmas. I definitely hoard those. But I like all the different flavors. I collect all of the different flavors like pumpkin pie," Bilson says.

Pumpkin pie-flavored ChapStick over super sticky lipgloss? A woman after my own heart.