'The Micks' Mickey Has A Priceless Reaction To Bullying


So far Kaitlin Olsen's performance as Mickey, the messy protagonist of Fox's recently-renewed comedy The Mick, has been all kinds of on-point. In the hilarious new series, Mickey visits her wealthy sister and brother-in-law in an attempt to weasel some money out of them, but when the couple is forced to escape the country because of tax evasion, Mickey is left with the responsibility of her sister's three children: Sabrina, Chip, and Ben Pemberton. As one would expect, her approach is definitely more unorthodox than the kids are used to, but also incredibly humorous. In a clip from the latest episode of the series, "The Bully" Mickey learns bullying is impacting her family and her reaction is priceless.

In the clip, a school administrator, Principal Gibbons, aims to bring Mickey's attention to an "ongoing bullying situation" as she stands outside her car in the parking lot of the children's prestigious preparatory school. Mickey instantly assumes either her young nephew Chip is being bullying ("Chip's a walking target," she says) or that the "pretty in a terrifying kind of way" Sabrina is bullying someone else. She shares that her niece, "tears me down, I build myself up, she tears me down, I build myself up again."

But it turns out that Sabrina is not the bully but is actually getting bullied. Principle Gibbons explains, "she has been ex-communicated from her friend group and since she is quite possibly our most popular student it's had a ripple effect into our entire ecosystem."

Gibbons requests that Mickey talk with her niece, try to "get through to her, " and it's clear from what we've seen in the past, whatever method Mickey uses will be... interesting.

Tune in Tuesday, March 28 at 8 p.m. to find out just how Mickey and the Pembertons handle a bully. It's sure to be a riot!