The One Easy Life Upgrade To Make In Your Home, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

If you've been meaning to upgrade your living situation at home but don't exactly know where to start, look to yourself for all the inspiration and direction you need. I mean, literally: pick a life upgrade to make in your home based off your Myers-Briggs type!

Knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type can not only help you to understand yourself on a psychological level, but it can also steer your towards making basic decisions and life choices. For example, if you know about yourself that you thrive with structure, you might want to spend a little time thinking about the structural systems you have in place in your life.

So, when it comes to the home, you can consider how solid your organizational system is. Knowing that structure can help to improve your well being, you can implement structural changes to your home. You might want to get a better planner, an AI in-home assistant, or maybe even a new custom closet. While it's easy to spend hours on the internet browsing deals and convincing yourself that you need everything that looks good in a picture, it's a better use of your time to figure out your personality type and adjust your home accordingly. Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and then check out my suggestions for home improvement based on your results.



You're incredibly logical and you feel your best when you're doing things that feel efficient. Instead of spending money every morning on coffee, get yourself a coffee machine for your kitchen. That way you can save money and leave the house already caffeinated.

K Cup Keurig K-Select, $129.99, Krurig



A strong set of rules and guidelines is comforting to you. You like to know what you're supposed to do, you don't like having to worry about making the wrong choices. Get yourself a virtual personal assistant and never worry if about staying on top of your responsibilities again. Yes, seriously, there's an app for that and it will help you with everything.

AskSunday On-Demand Personal Plan, $29/month, AskSunday



You work really hard and often don't even take credit for the amazing things you do. You're always the one making everyone else's life easier, so this year, get yourself something that feels like a pat on the back. Literally. Give yourself the gift of an on-demand pat on the back.

LiBa Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow, $24.99, Amazon



You're a social person. You love coming home from work and hanging with friends and entertaining — it makes you feel valuable when your friends want to spend their time with you. So get yourself something that makes being a host more fun. Get yourself a subscription to a service that sends you fresh hostess gear each season, giving you another great excuse to get your friends to come over.

Mostess Seasonal Subscription Service, $125/year, Mostess


Urban Outfitters

You enjoy spending time with yourself, reflecting, meditating and and processing your feelings. Make it easier on yourself by getting a great interactive journal that comes with prompts so that you can open up easily and get in touch with your feelings easily.

I Am Here Now Mindfulness Journal, $16, Urban Outfitters



You've got a lot of energy. So much, in fact, that it gets you into trouble sometimes. Add something to your home life that helps you channel that energy, in a healthy way. It will help your life outside of the house, too.

Balance Board, $67, Amazon



You've been meaning on working on your self care routine but something always ends up seeming more important. This year, make it a priority and find yourself a wind down method that actually relaxes you. Start with a cozy new set of bed clothes to help you get excited about sleep again.

Twill Core Sheet Set, $189, Brooklinen



You're an entertainer who likes to be entertained. You're always plugged into your devices, talking on the phone, while watching TV, and listening to music at the same time. Likely your home has a few too many wires. Sync everything up together and get a little AI to help you control everything from the same place.

Echo Dot, $49.99, Amazon



You're deeply intelligent, and you're always thinking of better ways to do things. Plus, you're into projects. If you don't already, you might want to consider staring to compost in your home, and gardening. It's a long-lasting project and a progressive life change.

Kitchen Garden Starter Set, $40, Terrain


You're great at running the show. You're confident, you're a worthy leader, and you know what you like. But try giving up a bit of control this year and sign up for a subscription service that provides you with fun beauty and home products that you don't get to pick.

FabFitFun Subscription, $49.99, FabFitFun



You don't like going out much. When you were younger, it was a source of contention with your friends, but now that your older and your friends respect that about you, you're free to stay home. But sometimes you get bored, so make your at home life a bit more interesting — change your reality, virtually.

Gear Vr, $99.99, Samsung



You are a natural born debater. You find yourself arguing with people on a day-to-day basis, though some of the people around you probably wish you would give it a rest. Get yourself a game that encourages you to argue, without any of the ramifications of real life arguments. Have your friends over and have a safe fight with them.

Sway: A Game of Debate and Silver Linings Party Game, $30, Amazon


Your work ethic is impressive, but you'd really benefit from finding some time to sit on the couch and watch TV. If you don't have a super cozy couch that makes you want to chill more, get one. It will be a much needed balance for your home life.

Love Seat Two Seater, $795, Burrow



You're always there for your friends and your co-workers and at the end of the day, you find yourself feeling moody and alone because you've given so much. To help increase the mood vibes in your home, get some Bluetooth color lights so that you can cheer up with a bit of light therapy every once in a while.

ilumi LED Smart Lightbulbs, $49.99, ilumi


You're a dreamer, but you often find yourself feeling like you lack a bit of structure that might help you actually make your dreams a reality. Add something to your home that will allow you to dream, in an organized way. A chalk wall is logical and fun.



You're a free spirit, you go with the flow, you're always day dreaming and following your heart instead of your head. You've got a lot going for you except for the fact that you lose everything. You often find the remote in the fridge and the phone in the washer. Get something that will keep track of your things while your head is in the clouds.

Tile Sport, $35, Tile