The One New Year's Resolution You Shouldn't Make, Based On Your Sign

Everyone loves starting with a clean slate. It's the exact reason why at the end of every year, we commit to New Year's resolutions that may or may not look exactly the same as the year before. But this year, we're really going to make it happen, because "New Year, new me" and all that jazz. Maybe we're going about it the wrong way, though. Instead of looking at the goals you should make, how about you look at the New Year's resolution you shouldn't make based on your sign?

For instance, I'm a Gemini. Since discovering the beauty of travel over the last year, I vowed to do it more. However, traveling abroad is taking some serious time to get used to, while I absolutely love little trips closer to home. Planning an epic trip to Greece or Australia or Argentina like I originally had probably isn't the best route to take, then — unless I want to spend the rest of 2018 recovering from the anxiety attack it would have undoubtedly given me.

I'm not saying you shouldn't leave your comfort zone and try new things; but take a look at your personality to see what resolutions make the most sense. That way, you're likelier to stick to your goals.



Aries is spontaneous and a wee bit impatient. While learning a new skill or hobby is one common New Year's resolution this year, this might not be the way to go for you. You're not big on having to wait for gratification and instead thrive off of immediate excitement. Try something that makes you feel good now, like being more physically active every day, or getting better at a skill you already enjoy.



Taurus is known for being the most practical sign of the zodiac; and even though a lot of people are vowing to live life to the fullest this year, that doesn't sound like the best approach to you. You want to have fun and enjoy life, but always remain financially responsible — something else of immense importance to Taurus, that will make you feel a whole lot more secure while you're having fun.



Geminis tend to be a social butterfly and are always trying to spend more time with family and friends. Because you want 2018 to bring you more nights out with the girls and even a more active dating life, sticking to an intense new budget might not be the resolution for you. Of course, don't go buying everyone rounds at the bar every night; but let's be honest: money spent hanging out with loved ones is money well spent.



Staying close to the people who matter and constantly nurturing your relationships are of utmost importance to Cancer. While spending less time on the phone is many people's resolution for 2018, Cancer can't imagine not having this mode of communication to keep in touch with family and friends.



Leo loves the nightlife — exciting restaurants, fancy clubs, energetic concerts. You should always look after your wellbeing; but making your number one resolution getting more sleep perhaps isn't the most reasonable. You're a true night owl at heart. Just take care not to let things get out of hand.



Virgo finds satisfaction in hard work. In fact, when you feel like you're not working, your emotional health can take a hit because you feel like you have no purpose. While many of us are vowing to travel more in 2018, try to set a resolution that helps you find happiness and the structure you need. Straight-up vacations where you don't do a single thing and nothing is planned might not work in your favor. Balance is the name of the game.



Libra craves peace and harmony. One common resolution this year is to try an extreme sport, but this might go against your nature a little too much. Try something new, for sure. Maybe even venture outside your comfort zone. But don't do anything to traumatize yourself.



Scorpio is passionate and creative, often an artist; their imagination knows no boundaries, and they can't be tamed. A lot of us are not all like you — some of us fare better with rules and structure, which is why our goal for 2018 is to be more organized. Too much organization could hamper your passion, though, Scorpio. Sometimes, there's harmony in chaos.



Sagittarius is typically very extroverted, and quiet, alone time isn't there jam. Nothing wrong with that! But whereas a lot of people want to spend more time inside with a good book next year, you might want to think about a resolution that takes you in the opposite direction.



Capricorn was born to help others; and when you think about, New Year's resolutions are almost always about the person setting them — get fit, sleep more, quit smoking, and so on. Be different, Capricorn, and make your resolution about someone else. Sponsor a child or volunteer for a local organization. It's what you were meant to do.



You like to live by the moment, Aquarius. Sometimes, you can be downright unpredictable. It's what everyone loves about you. You probably shouldn't commit to sticking to a set schedule in the new year, though. While this sounds appealing to some people, you really don't like having to follow too many rules.



Everyone envies you, Pisces. No one is in touch with their emotions like you are. You're the most empathetic of the zodiac, and it makes you special. Because not all of us handle our emotions as well as you do, we often aim to be less sensitive to the things people say and do to us. Your goal should be different, because your emotions make you strong.