This Is The One Primer You Need For Glowing Skin

Summer is nearly here, and the weather is heating up. While you, by no means, have to switch up your makeup game, many choose to rock a dewy glow during the summer. The one primer you need to get glowing skin this summer is a luminous dream that will have your face looking stunning, flawless, and gorgeously glowing.

What's the one primer you need? It's the CoverFX Illuminating Primer, and based on its status at several popular beauty retailers, it's incredibly popular. According to the CoverFX website, the Illuminating Primer gives, "instant luminous glow packed with powerful skincare ingredients to illuminate the skin for a brighter, more radiant appearance." Not only will the product give you the glow that so many want during the warmer months, but it will also include skincare. It seems like there's not much of a downside to the product.

While the CoverFX primer is basically my new holy grail, there is a bit of a drawback. It's sold out practically everywhere which means I am currently hoarding it like Smaug and his treasure. If you head to the websites of CoverFX, Sephora, and Ulta, the product is nowhere to be found. However, there seems to be bit of good news. On both Sephora's and Ulta's websites, there's an e-mail sign-up where you can be notified when the product is restocked. You may still be able to get your hands on this glorious primer after all.

If you're wondering about how much the primer will run you, it comes in at $38, making it only slightly more expensive than other popular high-end primers.

As for when a restock could happen, there's no word. However, this product is clearly in demand, and it's the perfect season to rock it. Plus, in a video from IPSY, it's clear to see that the primer is can be used to highlight stragetic parts of the face, as an all over primer, or mixed in with foundation.

While the product may be sold out now, you've got to get your hands on the CoverFX Illuminating Primer. As a personal avid fan, I can't swear by it enough. Plus, who doesn't want perfectly primed skin and dewy glow?