These 30 Affordable 5-Star Products On Amazon Offer The Best Bang For Your Buck

Getting the five-star treatment doesn't mean shelling out a small fortune in the process. Whether you're shopping for gifts or you're looking for something fun for yourself, you can always find plenty of affordable five-star products right on Amazon that you won't have to break the bank for.

This might go without saying, but just because something is cheap doesn't mean it's poor quality — you just have to know where and how to look for the best finds. On Amazon, you can literally come across thousands of items that aren't expensive but are still innovative, useful, and that'll give you the best bang for your buck. Another advantage to doing all your shopping on Amazon? You can use the site's reliable rating systems to really target your searches and find the stuff that's truly worth an investment.

It doesn't matter whether you've got $100 to spend or just $20, because when you're on Amazon, there are countless affordable and versatile products that are just a click away. From wine aerators to jade rollers and even an ultra-cheap set of makeup brushes that professional artists swear by, here are 31 of the best bargains you can find online now to make your dollar really stretch.

1. An Aerator That'll Make Your Wine Taste Better In Seconds

2. This Affordable But Amazing Set Of Makeup Brushes

3. A Spray That'll Remove Fingerprints And Streaks From Screen Surfaces

4. This Wonderfully Weird And Wacky Device That Cooks Eggs And Popcorn

5. A Safe And Portable Way To Get Clean Drinking Water In The Great Outdoors

6. This Mitt That'll Totally Rid Your Living Space Of Dust And Dirt

7. A Foot Rasp That Has More Than 10,000 Rave Reviews On Amazon

8. This Ultra Flexible Makeup Mirror That You Can Use Anywhere

9. An Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Approach To Shopping

10. This Multi-Functional Set Of Pliers That's Like Having A Whole Toolbox In One

11. A Collapsible Travel Bag That's Spacious Enough To Fit All Your Cosmetics

12. This BPA-Free Water Bottle That'll Never Leak Or Shatter, No Matter How Tough You Are On It

13. A Camera Lens Kit For Capturing The Perfect Shot With Your Smartphone

14. These Luxuriously Soft Spa Socks For The Ultimate In Relaxation

15. A Smart Plug That Makes It Easier To Manage Your Home

16. This Organic Essential Oil That Can Help Treat Acne Scars

17. A Mini Air Purifier That'll Eat Away Odors In Your Fridge

18. This Foot Peel That'll Make Your Feet Feel Incredible

19. A Sleep Mask For Times When You Just Need Some Quality Rest

20. This Funky Gadget That You Can Use To Open Jars With Ease

21. A Colorful Wireless Speaker That'll Add More Ambiance To Your Home

22. This Classic Pumice Stone That's Great For Exfoliating Feet

23. A Utensil Organizer Designed To Fit Virtually Any Drawer

24. This Shower Filter That'll Help Protect Your Hair And Skin While You're Showering

25. A Kit That'll Make Blackheads And Pimples Disappear

26. This Incredibly Soft Cloth That You Can Use To Remove Makeup

27. A One-Of-A-Kind Colander That's Great For Catching Peelings And Washing Food

28. This Jade Roller That'll Feel Like Serenity On Your Skin

29. A Set Of Essential Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Cooking Even More Fun

30. These Bath Flakes That'll Help Relieve Muscle Aches And Tension

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