These 31 Genius Grooming Products On Amazon Will Actually Make You Feel Way More Put Together

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A little self-care is good for the body and mind. And no matter how little or how much you choose to groom or prep or prime yourself for the day, these genius grooming products on Amazon will make you feel way more put together. Now, this isn't about achieving perfection — and it’s definitely not about what you should do when you groom. This is about finding innovative, simple, and effective grooming products that do what they’re supposed to do.

Since that's a tall order, we limited our list to grooming tools that can do the job of grooming a lot quicker and more efficiently. The next time you floss, consider adding a copper tongue scraper to your routine for better oral health and fresher breath. Scraping calluses and dead skin with a pumice stone is fine, but brushing your tired feet up against natural volcanic lava rock is even better. Want to remove hair from your bikini line but dread the inevitable stubble and ingrown hairs you'll get from traditional disposable razors? Toss them and rely on these more innovative finds (and one highly rated and recommended ingrown hair cream).

Genius grooming tools like these won't just make your routine a bit easier — they'll make you feel good about how you go about doing it.

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1A Painless Electric Foot File That Removes Stubborn Calluses


Amore Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $30, Amazon

Possibly the easiest way to get smooth feet, this electronic foot file does an amazing job of painlessly removing the toughest dead skin and calluses without compromising healthy, smooth skin. The roller head has diamond crystals that spin 360 degrees to target your most stubborn dry skin. And dead skin is lifted after just one pass — no more filing and scrubbing for hours to see results. It comes with a few different roller heads – one being extra-course to get rid of the toughest calluses.

2A 6-In-1 Travel-Friendly Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit


Broadcare Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit, $13, Amazon

This electric manicure and pedicure kit on the road comes in a convenient case and includes six interchangeable heads that groom cuticles and file and buff nails. It boasts four working modes with low and high speeds and runs on batteries so you can move about freely. It also has an LED light for precision, and rotates two different ways so you can use it on both hands. If you're looking for a professional-level nail treatment at home, this is the perfect kit, and reviewers say things like: "This is great for thick nails & hard to get trimmed nails."

3An Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Brush With UV Blue Light That Kills Bacteria


Lavany Portable Facial Cleansing Brush, $40, Amazon

As facial cleansing brushes become more common, brands like Lavany are stepping up and delivering innovative cleansing brushes with features like a bacteria-killing blue UV light. The light stays on for five minutes while you clean your face with its soft, pulsating bristles, and it gets rid of dirt and bacteria that can clog pores and cause acne. This device boasts two speeds — one for daily cleansing and one for a deeper cleanse — and has replaceable brushes to suit all skin types.

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4The Cordless Bikini Trimmer That Won't Nick Your Skin


Philips Bikini Genie, $13, Amazon

It's perfectly normal to keep body hair untouched, but if you are looking for a device that will trim and shave your bikini line and is a step up from disposable shavers that can give you cuts and nicks, the Bikini Genie can be used on wet or dry skin — in or out of the shower. It has two click-on trimming combs that can trim hair to various lengths, and a mini shaver head for a bare finish if that's what you're looking for.

5A Small, Compact Handle Grip Brushes To Clean The Stuff Out Of Nails


Naturebelle Handle Grip Nail Brush, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

Remove dirt and debris from your hands, feet, and nails without irritating your skin with these handle grip nail brushes, which are made with soft plastic bristles. Each brush in this four-pack has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and is compact and portable. Reviewers say they're fantastic for getting glitter off nails, too.

6An Organic Cuticle Oil Pen That Strengthens Nails And Softens Cuticles Without Making A Mess


Magique Cuticle Oil Pen & Cuticle Softener, $11, Amazon

It's easy to become obsessed with ridding your fingers of hangnails — but snipping them off without breaking your skin isn't easy (or recommended). Instead, apply this cuticle oil, rich in vitamins A and E, to cuticles and nails to strengthen brittle nails and soften the surrounding skin. The oil is made with organic ingredients and is vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free — and the best part is the pen applicator, which gives a precise application without messy spills.

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7An Exfoliating Back Scrubber And Massager


Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber, $12, Amazon

Reach every part of your back with this exfoliating back scrubber. It's got two sides — a smooth side made from microfiber to dry off or massaging skin, and a textured loofah surface to exfoliate or clean hard-to-reach areas. The long piece has handles on both ends, which makes it easier to glide the fabric along your back and store it over your shower curtain or on a towel hook. It also is made to not retain water, so it won't mold or mildew over time.

8A Safer, More Natural Pumice Stone Made From Volcanic Lava


Zenda Naturals Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone, $10, Amazon

This naturally-occurring volcanic lava used to make this lava pumice stone is healthier than synthetic pumice and does an incredible job at removing dead skin and calluses on your feet. The ergonomic shape of the stone fits perfectly in your hand and it won't crumble and fall apart after a few uses like a lot of other pumice stones. Reviewers say things like: "I seriously love this stone. I HIGHLY recommend this, it made my ragged heels soft and pink all over again!"

9An Eyebrow Shaper With A Teeny Tiny Razor For Cleaner Brows


Noxzema Eyebrow Shaper, $3 (3 Pack), Amazon

Spend less money in your favorite eyebrow guru's chair and more time tending to your brows with this eyebrow shaper, which features a small razor that trims and cleans up brows in a flash. The razor has a protective skin guard to prevent nicks, and this little grooming gadget is small enough to throw in a purse for on-the-go brow upkeep. Reviewers say they're easy to use, don't cut or nick the skin, and shape eyebrows way better than tweezers alone.

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10The Pure Castor Oil For Natural Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth


Majestic Pure Castor Oil Serum, $13, Amazon

A natural eyelash and brow growth treatment, this castor oil serum contains cold-pressed castor oil that's rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. When used over time, the oil is said to strengthen hair follicles and grow eyelashes and eyebrows back if they're falling out or you over pluck them. This oil package comes with applicators for lashes and brows for easy application.

12A 2-In-1 Painless Hair Remover And Nose Hair Trimmer


VereBeauty Painless Mini Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

Get two hair removal benefits in one small, portable gadget: this mini hair remover painlessly removes hair from the face, underarms, bikini line, legs, and arms, and also features a separate nose hair trimmer. It gets its power via USB charger, so you never have to worry about having extra batteries on hand. The sharp, highly-effective blades also make for a smooth, close shave.

13An Activated Charcoal And Coconut Powder For Whiter Teeth


Chimocee Teeth Whitening Powder, $14, Amazon

Most effective teeth whitening products rely on bleach and chemicals to remove stains from teeth. But this organic teeth-whitening powder is a natural and safe alternative made from activated charcoal and coconut. It doesn't contain preservatives or artificial colors or flavors and kills germs, bacteria, and plaque while gently removing years of stains from tooth enamel. It also soothes gum inflammation and rids teeth of common oral problems.

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14A Higher Quality Eyelash Comb For Perfectly Separated Lashes


G2 Plus Folding Eyelash Comb, $10 (3 Pieces), Amazon

Many eyebrow brushes come with an eyelash comb on the reverse side that's small, plastic, and not that easy to maneuver through clumpy mascara. This eyelash comb is different: it has stainless steel teeth and an ergonomic plastic handle that's easy to grip. It folds up and can be tossed into your purse and you won't have to worry about the bristles falling apart. One professional makeup artist even left this promising review: "They are more comfortable to hold, they snap open and closed nicely and the pin tips aren't as sharp- which makes them feel safer to use on myself and on models. Major thumbs up!"

15A Tweezer Set For Brow Fanatics Who Know All Tweezers Are Not Created Equal


Purebello 4 Piece Stainless Steel Tweezer Set, $11, Amazon

For every tweezing need, there's a solution in one of these stainless steel tweezers, which come four in a set. The shapes included are slanted, flat, pointed, and extreme slant tip tweezers — as well as a convenient travel case. They're great for different things like shaping, removing shorter hairs, ingrown hairs, and plucking strays effectively.

16A Safer 3-In-1 Travel Razor That Even Includes A Water Spritzer And Moisturizer


Sphynx Razor, $18, Amazon

Regular razors can be a nightmare to pack for trips. But this 3-in-1 portable razor boasts a compact design that encompasses a refillable water spritzer, pre-shave moisturizing bar, and two individual razor blades. These are TSA-compliant, and they're easy to use: just spray water on an area, use the pre-shave bar, and use the razor blades. When the razors wear out, you can buy refills, so one kit can last indefinitely.

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17A Heated Eye Massager That Relaxes Your Muscles And Relieves Tension


Sunmay Heated Sonic Eye Massager, $35, Amazon

If your eyes are feeling dry, tight, and uncomfortable in any way, this heated sonic eye massager might just be the thing that brings you relief (it may even help with swelling and under eye circles). It delivers a frequency of 7,000 sound vibrations per minute and heats up to 42 degrees Celsius to reach deep within the layers of your skin and boost collagen production. It can also be used on the forehead and face to maximize the absorption of products like serums and moisturizers.

18This Olive Oil Foot Cream For Dry, Callused Feet


Vena Beauty Foot Cream, $11, Amazon

Let the healing and hydrating powers of natural olive oil in this highly rated foot cream work its magic on dry, rough, callused feet. Just a small amount of this concentrated formula, which also contains lanolin and glycerin, protects feet from dryness and soften cracks for baby-smooth feet. One reviewer writes: "Love this product! It's the best foot cream I've ever used. Soaks into your skin quickly and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling."

19A Charcoal Mask That Sucks Up Blackheads


Active Wow Black Mask Peel, $18, Amazon

Suck up excess sebum and the blackheads they create with this activated charcoal peel mask, which cleanses, exfoliates, and leaves pores looking tinier than ever. The mask is safe for all skin types and contains moisturizing and inflammation healing aloe vera for a smoother complexion. It also helps to soothe skin from irritations from sunburns, bug bites, and generally itchy skin.

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20An Organic After-Shave Lotion That Prevents Ingrown Hairs And Bumps


Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula, $13, Amazon

Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to avoiding razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving. This lotion, made with a blend of organic aloe vera, botanical extracts, and essential oils (like lavender and lemon), soothes pain and burn wherever you shaved and removes bacteria that can clog pores. It contains absolutely no alcohol so no need to dread the stinging feeling associated with most shaving serums. It can be used anywhere on the body (including the face), and is good to use before or after shaving, waxing, or electrolysis.

21The Gloves That Are Packed With Hydrating Oils For Silky Hands


Epielle Care Moisturizing Gloves, $17 (8 Pack), Amazon

A few spare minutes is all you need to give yourself an intense hand treatment with these moisturizing gloves. The gloves, which fit most hands and have secure tabs so that they don't slip off, are packed with avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E. Wear them for 20 minutes (or overnight) and your hands will feel like silk. They also strengthen nails, soften cuticles, and reviewers say they are "absolutely fabulous."

22A Hawaiian Sugar And Nut Lip Scrub


Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub, $14, Amazon

When lip balms fail to keep things hydrated, turn to natural ingredients like sugar and nuts. This sugar lip scrub exfoliates using Hawaiian sugar crystals, nut oils, and shea butter to get rid of dead skin and leave lips softer than ever. It's also cruelty-free and contains zero dangerous parabens or phthalates. To use, just scrub on lips and wipe off with a tissue.

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23A Copper Tongue Scraper For Fresher Breath And Better Oral Health


The Dirt Copper Tongue Scraper, $10, Amazon

Based on an ancient Ayurvedic practice, copper tongue scraping removes more bacteria from your mouth and tongue than brushing alone. It can freshen breath and improve both your oral and overall health and wellness — it's also made of materials that are way more antimicrobial than other tongue scrapers, and it's built to last. One reviewer writes: "No comparison! This copper tongue scrapper is so much easier to use, does a better job, and feels better on the tongue."

24A Tea Tree Oil Body Wash That Kills Bacteria And Fungus


Clauson Natural Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash, $15, Amazon

Relieve dry, itchy skin and tackle fungus and bacteria on the body that can lead to conditions like Athlete's Foot with this natural tea tree oil body wash. The formula consists of 72 percent organic ingredients and includes natural oils like peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, and coconut. It's also the ideal wash for anyone who is active or who suffers from dry skin.

25Oil-Pulling Mouthwash That Actually Tastes Good


The Dirt All Natural Oil Pulling And Mouthwash, $20, Amazon

Oil pulling for 20 to 30 minutes each day can remove toxins and bacteria from your mouth and prevent a host of health problems. This oil-pulling mouthwash enjoys a near-perfect rating, thanks to its pleasant rose clove and mint taste (some oil-pulling products are the opposite of tasty). It can be used both as an oil-pulling treatment or as a simple mouthwash. It's also free of alcohol, GMO, artificial flavorings, and xylitol — and made with natural ingredients like MCT Oil, ghee, and sesame oil.

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26A Soft And Silky Hair For Public Hair (Yes, Pubic Hair)


Fur Oil, $48, Amazon

You're using essential oils on every other part of your body — why not your pubic hair? This fur oil is designed to clear pores, prevent ingrown hairs, and soften pubic hair. It's made with grape seed, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and clary sage and is free of harmful chemicals, dyes, and artificial fragrances. It has been dermatologically- and gynecologically-tested.

27A Glass Nail File That Has Over 2,000 Reviews


Glass Nail File By Bona Fide Beauty, $9, Amazon

Crafted from Bohemian glass, this glass nail file is gentler and more effective on nails than other files — evidenced by over 2,100 reviews about the file itself. It has a non-porous surface that prevents the spread of bacteria and fungus and boasts a double-sided etched filing surface. It also comes in a protective carrying case and has a rounded end and a pointed tip for perfect nails.

28The Whitening Wipes You Can Use After A Glass Of Wine Or Cup Of Coffee


White Wipes, $7 (12 Pack), Amazon

You can prevent red wine, coffee, and tea stains from becoming embedded in your tooth enamel by using these White Wipes teeth whitening wipes directly on teeth after a glass or plate of something that stains. Each wipe is individually wrapped, making it simple to throw a few in your bag and use them at restaurants and on the go. They also freshen breath, and reviewers call these "miracle workers."

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29A Hair Mask That Transforms Dry, Brittle Hair With Dead Sea Minerals


Calily Life Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask, $10, Amazon

Stronger, silkier hair is 15 to 20 minutes away when you use this natural hair mask, infused with Dead Sea minerals, coconut oil, and organic extracts. This mask gets amazing reviews because it provides deep levels of moisture and makes hair a thousand times shinier and more manageable. One reviewer who says her hair was brittle and worn out after repeated colorings, heat damage, and medications says this mask made her hair "soft and silky."

30A Shine-Enhancing Hair Oil With A Cult Following


Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil, $14, Amazon

A cult favorite on Amazon, this rosemary conditioning hair oil adds intense shine and moisture to tired strands and deep conditions and nourishes your scalp and hair. This oil is free of chemicals and is certified natural — it uses fair trade rosemary cultivated in Spain. It's also made with clover flower to prevent hair loss and breakage, and burdock root to treat dry scalp.

31The Tweezers With An LED Light That Lets You See Each Small Hair


LaTweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers With Lipstick Case, $20, Amazon

There's nothing more frustrating than tugging at a stray hair with tweezers and coming up short. Experience a lot less of that with these tech-savvy illuminating tweezers, designed to grip the smallest and most stubborn hairs. As the name makes clear, these stainless steel tweezers have a bright LED light that lets you see each hair clearly and it comes in a carrying case with a built-in magnifying mirror.

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