These 37 Things Make You Feel Amazing & Are All Under $30 On Amazon

It's a hard-knock life. Well, not always, but between work, relationships, paying the bills, and figuring out what to have for dinner, life can end up feeling like nothing but a grind — one that leaves you feeling depleted by the end of each day. And when you're depleted, you need a few creature comforts to help perk you up again — like all these things under $30 on Amazon that'll leave you feeling amazing.

Most of these products could be classified as "self-care" products, and I am a firm believer in self-care. Investing time (and a little money) into your physical and mental health can truly be the difference between feeling like you're drowning in stress and feeling like you're sailing on smooth waters and can handle anything that comes your way.

You'll find products on here that'll help you dial down tension, get a good night's sleep, relax sore muscles, and soothe stressed-out skin — among other genius items.

And nothing says "self-care" like products that are all under $30. After all, spending hundreds of dollars to de-stress can be hard on your bank account — which will only add to the stress you're trying eliminate in the first place.


This Plush Foot Warmer That You'll Want To Cozy Up With On Movie Night

Get toasty toes with this electric foot warmer. Just plug it into the wall, then slip your feet inside the plush, flannel pocket and choose from one of three heat settings. It's large enough to accommodate two pairs of feet, so you can share with your partner or friend, and you can also use it to warm your back or soothe cramps. An automatic shut-off function kicks in after two hours, and the cover is machine-washable.


A Ridiculously Luxurious Faux Fur Throw For Next-Level Napping

This faux fur throw blanket will add an elegant touch to any sofa or the foot of your bed, but it's also perfect for snuggling up with on a cold day. One side of the blanket is lined in velvety microfiber, and the other is lined in faux fur that's been individually dyed for a natural variation in color. The machine-washable blanket is available in three neutral color options: ivory, frost gray, or the brown pictured here.


A Natural Stress Relief Remedy That'll Turn Your Mood Around Fast

If you're looking for a natural way to tone down stress, this stress relief supplement is for you. A few drops under the tongue (or added to your beverage of choice) will boost focus, promote mental positivity, and reduce feelings of stress. The vegan, gluten-free formula is made with a blend of five flower essences, and it's non-habit forming, so you don't have to think twice before using it. Reviewers swear by it, and some wrote things like: "this stuff is simply magic," and "a game-changer for panic, anxiety, and fear." Consult your doctor before starting a new supplement.


A Self-Massager That'll Work Out The Tension In Your Neck

This neck massager loops right around your neck, and features two rolling balls that allow you to loosen up knots and soothe sore muscles. Ergonomic handles give you a comfortable grip, and the massager itself is flexible, allowing you to adjust the strength of the massage — squeeze or pull down on it for a deeper massage, or let up for a more gentle massage. Use it on your calves and hamstrings too.


This Dead Sea Salt Scrub That'll Detox Your Scalp

Deeply cleanse hair follicles — all while removing product and oil build-up — with this exfoliating scalp scrub. The scrub is made with salt crystals sourced from the Dead Sea and a blend of delicious-smelling botanicals that work to calm and nourish hair roots: rosemary, coriander, oregano, and eggplant. Use this two to three times a week before shampooing for to keep your scalp happy and clear the way for healthy hair growth.


A Temperature-Regulating Pillowcase Made From Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is a material that naturally regulates temperature, which means this pillowcase will keep you cool even on the hottest summer nights. Silk is also friendly to hair, and — unlike cotton — won't cause friction that can lead to breakage when you toss and turn at night. This 600-thread count mulberry silk pillowcase features a hidden zipper closure and comes in 24 color choices, like white, apricot, and flint blue.


A Flaxseed Mask That Soothes And Moisturizes Dry, Tired Eyes

Soothe dry, tired eyes with this moisture therapy heated eye mask. Just microwave the soft, plush mask for 30 to 50 seconds, then fit the elastic strap around your head. The flaxseeds inside the mask act as a compress, but they also retain moisture from the air. This moisture is released when the mask is heated, and then transferred to your eyes, where it relieves fatigue and dryness.


A Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush That Deep Cleans Skin

Effortlessly remove dirt, oil, and makeup at the end of the day with this sonic facial cleansing brush. The rechargeable silicone brush operates on three speed settings and features three types of bristles on different parts of the brush: fine bristles for daily cleansing, thicker bristles to target oil that lives in the T-zone, and rounded bristles to massage skin and maximize moisturizer and serum absorption. Incorporate this into your nightly skincare routine for ultra-clean and clear skin.


A Jade Roller And Gua Sha Tool To Revive Your Complexion

Jade rolling is an ancient skincare practice that promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces the appearance of under-eye circles, firms skin, and eliminates toxins that may be dulling your skin's glow. This jade roller is made with 100 percent natural jade and it's double-ended — use the larger roller for the forehead and cheeks and the smaller roller under the eyes and around the nose. The roller is accompanied by a gua sha tool — gently scrape it across your face to relieve tension and tone skin.


These Under-Eye Brightening Masks Made With Nano-Gold And Collagen

The nano-gold in these eye masks works to increase skin elasticity, improve circulation, and add a subtle glow to the under-eye area while collagen promotes firmness and hyaluronic acid adds a big dose of hydration. Wear the gel masks for 15 minutes to bring down puffiness, brighten the eyes, and — most importantly — fake a full eight hours of sleep.


A Hook-Shaped Massager That Works Out Knots In Hard-To-Reach Places

This hook-shaped self-massager uses gravity — and the leverage of your own hands — to powerfully loosen up tight muscles and work out knots. The unique shape of the massager allows you to get to hard-to-reach places — like your hamstrings, lower back, or in between your shoulder blades — and the pear-shaped tip offers targeted acupressure for deep tissue relief. Use this when there isn't an extra pair of hands around to give you a massage.


A Body Scrub Made With Inflammation-Fighting Sweet Orange Oil

Transform dull, rough skin into silky smooth skin with this body scrub. Dead Sea salts gently slough off dead skin cells, while organic coconut oil and aloe vera leave skin soft and hydrated. The star ingredient of this scrub — vitamin C-rich sweet orange oil — reduces inflammation and irritation, while promoting collagen production and brightening skin. Use this all over for a full-body "facial".


A Gel Face Mask That Relieves Headache Pain And Reduces Swelling

Keep this gel facial mask in the freezer or fridge and strap on anytime for cooling relief that'll bring down swelling, reduce headache pain, and soothe inflamed skin. The soft, plush back feels great against your face, and you can also use the mask for heat therapy — just stick it in the microwave for a few seconds and you can use it to loosen up tension and unwind from stress.


These Sandals That Massage Your Feet While You Walk

Massage your feet just by walking when you wear these ingenious massage sandals. The ultra-lightweight sandals feature nodules that are strategically placed to massage the the bottoms of your feet while offering reflexology therapy that benefits your whole body. The non-slip sandals are also waterproof, so you can wear them while you're working in the yard, too.


These Arch-Support Sleeves That Keep Feet From Getting Tired

These arch support sleeves kill two birds with one stone: 1) they support arches to help prevent foot fatigue, and 2) they offer gentle compression that works to promote circulation and reduce swelling. The stretchy sleeves fit feet of all sizes, and they're infused with bacteria-fighting copper to help keep unwwanted odor at bay. These are perfect for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, flat feet, high arches, or long hours spent standing or walking.


These Luxuriously Soft Microfiber Sheets That'll Tempt You To Sleep In Every Morning

You might never get out of bed again once you sleep in these double-brushed microfiber sheets. Reviewers wrote the highly-rated, 1800-thread count sheets have a "luxurious feel," are "extraordinarily soft," and that they're "an all-around win." They're wrinkle-resistant and won't harbor dust mites or allergens, so they're perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or noses. Each set comes with a deep-fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Choose from lots of colors, like gray, sage, sand, and coral.


This Chin-Supporting Travel Pillow That Keeps Your Head From Bobbing Forward

The biggest design flaw with most travel pillows is the fact that they offer no chin support, which means your head tends to bob forward when you're dozing off. This travel pillow, though, wraps around 360-degrees, supporting your chin and keeping your head comfortably upright. Covered in soft fleece, the pillow also features a flat back and extra side cushions, so it won't push your neck forward — even when your airplane seat is in the upright position.


These Finger Stretchers That Build Up Your Hand Strength

Stretch out your hands and improve finger strength with the help of these finger stretchers. Just slip the five loops around your fingers and clench and flex to give your fingers a good workout. Each set comes with three resistance bands in varying strengths — use them every day and work you way up to the most challenging band. These are great for musicians, athletes, rock climbers, or anyone dealing with arthritis or carpal tunnel.


These Arch Support Insoles That Cushion Every Step

Slip these arch support insoles into any pair of shoes, and you'll walk or stand comfortably all day long. High-density foam absorbs shock with each step, and the deep heel cup stabilizes the foot while evenly distributing weight for proper alignment. At 7 millimeters, the arches are extra-high, offering next-level support to both flat and high-arched feet. This reviewer wrote: "I walk a minimum of 6 miles daily at work in boots, and these insoles have significantly improved my work day. I don't experience heel pain or leg pain anymore, thinking about even getting a pair for my regular shoes!"


An Essential Oil Roller That Helps You Chill Out No Matter Where You Are

This roller is infused with essential oils for relaxation, like ylang ylang, cedar, cypress, and lavender. It's about the size of a lip balm, so you can take it with you anywhere — keep it in your purse and roll it on your temples and wrists anytime you feel your stress levels risings, or keep it on your bedside table and use it to help you unwind before your head hits the pillow.


This Relaxing Herbal Tea That'll Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

Brew a cup of this relaxing herbal tea before heading off to bed and you'll sleep like a baby. The tangerine-flavored tea is made with a blend of traditional sleep-inducing herbs, like valerian root extract, chamomile, and lemon balm. Drink a full mug of this tea (or even just a few sips) and you'll be nodding off in no time.


A Plush Heating Pad You Can Wrap Around Your Body

This extra-large, microwavable heating pad features long straps on each side — tie them around your waist or neck and you can actually walk around while getting all those heat benefits. The heating pad is covered in plush fleece and filled with heat-retaining flax seeds that mold to your body, where they provide gentle compression and moist heat therapy relief. Use it to soothe your neck, shoulders, back, and abdomen.


This Very Big Ice Pack That'll Feel So Good On Your Back

This extra-large cold gel pack is perfect for getting cold therapy relief along your entire back. The gel pack is flexible — even when completely frozen — and the cover is double-sided: use the thin, webbed side for concentrated coldness or the thick, plush side for something a little less intense. You can also use it as a heating pad — just stick it in the microwave for a few seconds.


A Bath Pillow That Supports Your Head, Neck, And Back

Make your bath ultra-luxurious with this deluxe bath pillow. The double-paneled pillow offers 2 inches of padded foam to support your head, neck, and shoulders, so you can soak for as long as you want without getting any cricks. Seven powerful suction cups keep the pillow securely in place, so you don't have to worry about it slipping down — which would get in the way of all that relaxation.


These Heated Booties That Keep Feet Warm And Cozy

These microwavable fleece foot warmers will do a much better job than socks when it comes to keeping your feet toasty on cold winter nights. All that heat is also helpful for relieving foot pain, reducing muscle spasms, and soothing Achilles tendon strains or ankle sprains.


A Strap-On Ice Pack That Frees Up Your Hands

The problem with most ice packs is that you have to hold them in place with one hand, which seriously restricts your movement. This ice pack, though, is outfitted with a strap — wrap it around any part of your body and you can free up your hands for other tasks. The ice pack is big enough to cover large areas, like your lower back — and it's super flexible, so it molds to any part of your body comfortably.


This Massage Glove That Also Mimics A Back Scratch

Level up your massage game with this ingenious massage glove. It straps right onto your hand and features 360-degree rotating massage rollers that loosen up tight muscles and stimulate blood flow. The other side of the glove is outfitted with flexible bristles that mimic the feel of a good back scratch. Choose from three colors: blue, purple, and pink.


A Ball That Massages Your Body When You Lie On Top Of It

Lie on the floor and place this massage ball under any part of your body, then let the full weight of your body rest on it. The rounded shape and grooved patterns of the ball will stretch out your muscles and offer deep-tissue relief. The latex-free ball is extra firm and holds up to 500 pounds of weight. Use it on under your calves, thighs, lower back, upper back, neck, or between your shoulder blades,


A Flexible Bristle Brush That Makes Detangling A Totally Painless Process

If detangling your hair is a literal pain, this wet brush is for you. The paddle brush features flexible bristles that glide through hair and work out knots painlessly. Even better — those flexible bristles do a lot less damage to hair than stiff bristles, so you don't have to stress about breakage when you're brushing. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and it also provides a soothing scalp massage.


A Heated Eye Massager That Perks Up Tired Eyes

Nothing feels better than this heated vibrating sonic eye massager, and — unlike rubbing your eyes with your hands — it's actually good for your skin. The battery-powered massager releases gentle heat, along with micro-currents that stimulate blood circulation to eliminate puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Use it around your lips, nose, and on your forehead too.


These Exfoliating Pads With Different Bristles For Different Parts Of Your Face

Get smooth, clear skin with the help of these facial exfoliating pads. Just combine them with a little cleanser and run them across your face in a circular motion. The pads are outfitted with three types of bristles: coarse bristles to massage skin and promote circulation, medium bristles to exfoliate and cleanse pores, and tiny bristles for sensitive areas, like under your eyes and around your nose. The pads are made with silicone, so they won't harbor bacteria like sponges or washcloths.


This Heated Shiatsu Massager To Relax Muscle Tension

This highly-rated shiatsu massager is contoured to fit comfortably around your neck where the the four kneading massage nodes target sore muscles on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. The massager operates on three speeds and has a heating function to stimulate maximum muscle release. Try it on the lower back and calves, too.


These Heavenly-Scented Bath Bombs That Moisturize Your Skin

Add a dose of color — and hydration — to your bath with this set of 12 bath bombs. The fizzy bath bombs are made with moisturizing ingredients, so you can stay in the bath as long as you want and still emerge with soft skin. Each bomb is delicately scented with fragrances like lavender, lemongrass and green tea, and black raspberry vanilla. These make for a great gift, but you can also keep them all to yourself.


An Inflatable Device That Stretches Your Neck And Promotes Good Posture

Use this neck traction device to promote better posture, ease strain, reduce muscle spasms, and relieve pain caused by tension or pinched nerves. Just place the device around your neck and use the valve to inflate — the device will gradually straighten and stretch your neck as it fills with air. Secure the device with the Velcro straps to hold your neck steady in the stretched position. This is perfect if you deal with chronic neck pain — or spend long hours commuting or hunched over a computer or phone.


These Massage Rollers That Feel So Good On Tired Feet

Soothe tired, achey feet with this dual foot massager. The massager is arched to fit the contours of your feet, and each side is outfitted with ridged rollers — run your feet back and forth over them to ease tension and stimulate blood flow. The back roller on each side also features acupressure nubs that give a miniature reflexology session to your heels. Grips on the bottom keep the massager firmly in place while you use it.


A Deeply Hydrating Gel Mask That Also Brightens Skin

Quench a thirsty face with this deeply-moisturizing face mask. It's formulated with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain moisture long after the mask is taken off. The mask is boosted by other skin-nourishing ingredients: licorice root to brighten and diminish the appearance of dark spots, collagen to boost firmness and elasticity — and chamomile, aloe vera, and fruit extracts to soothe skin and leave your face protected from the elements.


A Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest And Mouse Pad To Support You While You Work

A lot of people spend their days typing away at a computer, which can lead to some not-so-great physical symptoms — like wrist cramping, carpal tunnel, and strained shoulders. To prevent all that, place this this keyboard wrist rest directly in front of your keyboard. Made from memory foam, the ergonomic rest supports your wrists and relaxes your shoulders, so you can type away without feeling tight and tense by the end of the day. The rest comes accompanied by a contoured mouse pad to keep your wrist supported while you point and click too.

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