These 38 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon Have Been Best-Sellers For Generations

There are a million body washes on the market — but they refuse to be outdone by the two million lotions that exist. Yes, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of products you see in front of you. I completely empathize. So how does the average person with limited time to spare make a quick and informed purchase? My fool-proof method in those scenarios is to stick with some classic products on Amazon. These are the kind of items you’ve seen stocked on shelves for generations. They’re safe. They’re familiar. But most importantly: they’re reliable and they work.

Those age-old products are easily some of my favorites. There’s a bit more trust from the outset because they’ve had loyal fans for a long time — and some have been around for hundreds of years. Literal centuries. These include the Thayers facial toner — around since 1847 — and Tiger Balm extra strength for those deep unsettling aches. No matter how far I stray in experimenting with new beauty and wellness products, I find myself returning to those tried-and-true items.

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1. The Classic Thermos With A Lid Doubling As A Cup

Some things just never go out of style, and a classic Stanley thermos is one of them. This BPA-free container is an absolute essential during the winter months — it keeps beverages warm, it's insulated, and has leak-proof lid (which also doubles as a cup). The stainless steel design means you can use again and again without the fear of the item rusting. Here's to many days of happy sipping.

2. A Lip Moisturizer That Has Been Around For Over 125 Years

It doesn't get much better than the Smith's Rosebud Salve, which has been around for over 125 years. Upwards of 1,000 Amazon reviewers are clamoring for this lip moisturizer — made from essential oils and featuring a pleasant rose scent — that has withstood the test of time. Do you have chapped lips and need a formula to soothe and smoothen your pout? Try this out.

3. An Espresso Maker That Has A Heat-Resistant Handle

Who here isn't a sucker for sleek, timeless design? The Primula aluminum espresso maker proves a simple construction can work best in providing a tasty cup of morning caffeine. Jus add espresso grounds and use this right on your stove top for smooth, rich coffee. While the body boasts an aluminum exterior, the handle is outfitted in heat-resistant plastic; ensuring you get a firm grip without scalding your hands. This makes 6 cups.

4. A Skillet For Making Delicious Meals

You're missing out if you don't own a proper cast iron skillet. It's the pan you turn to when searing, braising, or broiling food. The skillet already comes seasoned with oil which allows for an easy release finish and is heat-safe for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The included silicone handle keeps your hands safe.

5. A Toner That Reduces Redness And Inflammation

I cannot stress this enough: proper skin care is a multi-step process that should include a reliable toner. This Thayers facial toner has been around since 1847 for a reason. Formulated with rosewater, witch hazel extract, and aloe vera, it gets deep to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin. After consistent usage, you'll notice tightened pores and a reduction in redness and inflammation.

6. The Skin Ointment Made From Papaya

The Lucas' Papaw formula includes a mix of Australian papayas that provide much-needed relief to ailing skin — and it really does a ton. If you have an insect bite, a boil, a burn, dry skin, a sunburn, or a pimple, simply rub onto damaged area and allow the natural properties of the fruit to take action. "The Papaw ointment worked wonders for my elbows after the first application," wrote an Amazon reviewer. "I am thoroughly impressed."

7. The Mixer That’s Easy To Use And Clean

As many experienced bakers will let you know, having a hand mixer on deck elevates the entire process: This KitchenAid appliance just needs to be plugged in to do the heavy-lifting for you when it comes to making batters or whipping egg whites. It even has a cord that locks into place on both sides; allowing you to approach items in the mixing bowl from all angles. With the press of a single button, the accessories will be released from the mixer; making for easy clean-up.

8. A Topical Analgesic Rub Made With All Natural Ingredients

It never hurts to have some reinforcements stashed whenever cold and flu season approaches. That’s exactly why you should consider adding some Mentholatum topical analgesic rub to your sick kit. It contains natural camphor and menthol that are fast-acting in relieving minor aches in the chest and back; penetrating right to the muscles. Not to be forgotten are the aromatic vapors that are useful in soothing stuffy noses. Colds have met their match.

9. The Balm That’s Great For Back Pains And More

If menthol just isn’t your jam, you may prefer another longtime favorite (or hey, try both): Tiger Balm red extra-strength herbal rub. Not only is it good for joint pain and stiffness, it also has natural herbal ingredients that help alleviate abdominal cramps. So the next time you’re down for a massage, swap your usual oils for a jar of this ointment. It's also great after a workout. One reviewer wrote: "It's not oily or greasy. Feeling great now. Highly recommend this product for anyone with muscle aches and pains."

10. This Label Maker Is An Organizer's Dream Come True

Imagine this: you’re a person with a strong distaste for clutter. You have all the items in your pantry put away into their own container. But there’s one problem — you can’t tell what’s inside. In comes the Brother P-touch label maker: It has a variety of templates and fonts to be used on everything from containers to gifts. The P-touch even stores up to 30 labels; making for seamless reprinting. It can also be used with different tapes, including cable, wire, and iron-on.

11. A Holding Spray Without The Unwanted Stiffness

When it comes to adding a holding product after styling, there's always the worry it'll leave your poor strands unrecognizably stiff. The beauty of the L’Oreal Paris Elnett extra hold hairspray is in its ability to keep your style for hours without a crunchy finish. You’ll still be able to run your hands through your hair without the appearance of those pesky flyaways — and it resists humidity, too.

12. The Facial Cleanser Perfect For All Skin Types

Dry skin is a notable downside to many facial washes — but with the Ceptaphil gentle skin cleanser, you’ll get a product with cleansing and hydrating properties. The cleanser works to rid skin of impurities without clogging pores or stripping it of its natural oils and is so gentle, the brand even says you can use it without water. “I use this in the shower on my face and body,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “It's comes out almost like lotion and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.”

13. This Heating Pad Comes With Multiple Heat Settings

Sometimes when your body is in pain, you want the comfort of applying soothing heat to the affected area. In those moments you should turn to the Sunbeam heating pad. It has Ultraheat technology, which enables you to have a consistent level of warmth and an easy to use controller so you can turn the item on and off as you desire. Perhaps its best feature is its three heat settings that allow you to choose the level of heat you prefer.

14. A Classic Overall For Casual Dressing

These Dickies denim bib overalls have been around forever and it's because they're comfortable — but now, they're coming back in style, too. They have several pockets designed for storing small items and are complete with adjustable shoulder strap closures. The relaxed fit pairs well with a baggy T-shirt or a henley. They’re also safe to throw into the washing machine once they become dirty. Available sizes: XS-2X

15. The Lightweight Loose Powder Ideal For Setting Makeup

There’s something undeniably nostalgic about face powder. I remember my mom having one on her vanity and one stashed in her purse — and it was probably Airspun loose face powder, which keeps foundation set and makeup matte all day long. It leaves you with a smoother appearance (it evens out skin tone) and is lightweight enough to wear all day. Best of all, it's completely translucent and one reviewer wrote: "I love this loose powder out of all the ones I've tried and it smells amazing! No flash back and it blends very well!"

16. A Bar Soap Made With English Lavender

Yardley London has been churning out quality hygiene products since 1770 (yes, since 1770) and continues to prove its reliability today. Their English lavender soap has been a favorite of mine for years. It has a distinct gentle fragrance that comes as a result of its hydrating essential oils. It leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft and smooth without breaking the bank. A pack of eight will run you no more than $13, and one reviewer gave this interesting tip: "Put a bar in your drawers! Although I do use this soap in the shower, the real payoff comes from putting a bar in your sock/underwear drawers, linen closet, etc. Every time I open my drawers I'm greeted by the sweet, gentle smell of this soap! The smell lasts forever, too, at least over a year."

17. A Heat Patch That Targets Troublesome Aches

If you find yourself in pain, but have to continue being on the move, opt for a pack of Salonpas-Hot capsicum patches. It uses all natural capsaicin — the compound found in hot peppers — to reduce aches found in muscles and joints, and pain caused by strains and bruises. The large patches can be placed anywhere from elbows, to knees, and the lower back. “My boyfriend swears these things were sent from heaven,” shared one Amazon user. “He uses them regularly, especially when he is unable to get to the chiropractor.”

18. The Cream Cleanser Sensitive Skin Will Thank You For

I know you might think Pond’s cold cream cleanser is a little...vintage. But hear me out. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t clog your pores as it goes deep into the skin to remove residue and makeup (even that hard-to-remove waterproof mascara). The cream has been tested by dermatologists and given their stamp of approval. There’s a reason it’s a longstanding favorite. It is simple, fuss-free, and gets the job done without drying out your skin. What’s not to love?

19. This Facial Mask Minimizes The Appearance Of Large Pores

You may have come across the Queen Helene masque before. But I implore you to not take this affordable beauty must-have for granted. It’s made with bentonite clay and spearmint, and it's formulated to provide a deep clean while ridding your face of excess oil. If you have enlarged pores you’d like to minimize, this mask will work wonders. They also make it a point to never use or test their products on animals.

20. A Cordless Vacuum For Tangle-Free Cleaning

Having a large, clunky vacuum can take up precious space in your home. Why not downsize to a BLACK+DECKER dustbuster that gives the same results and doesn’t take up a lot of room? The cordless device has lithium ion technology enabling it to sustain a long battery life — once the battery is fully charged, it can hold power for up to 18 months. Aside from its lightweight design, it also includes a slim nozzle for a selection of applications. You’ll be able to reach even the toughest corners of your house for a thorough clean. The dustbowl capacity is also over 20 ounces, so you won't be constantly having to empty it out.

21. The Skinny Jeans With A Frayed Hem

You’ll never be left with nothing to wear when you have a pair of Levi’s jeans in your closet. Their women’s 721 high-rise skinny jeans come in a classic blue with a frayed hem; perfect for running errands during the day or hitting the town later in the evening. It has five pockets with a button and zip closure at the front and sits right above the waist. For washing, turn the jeans inside out and wash with items of a similar color. They'll last forever, too. Available sizes: 24-32

22. This Cleaner Leaves Your Silverware Spotless

Looking for an item that can properly clean your cookware? Try the All-Clad cookware cleaner and polish. It’s a powder-based product best used on stainless steel and aluminum items. Made with all-natural minerals, it’s an environmentally-safe purchase you won’t regret bringing into your home. “Just a light sprinkle into a dampened pan followed by a light scrub with a no scratch pad,” explained one Amazon reviewer. “Then let it sit for a few minutes, followed by a good rinse and the result is a clean, shiny pan.”

23. A Set Of Non-Stick Pans That Can Be Used In The Oven

What’s better than a quality non-stick frying pan? Try two quality non-stick frying pans for less than $50. This Calphalon set proves its versatility in the kitchen by being able to cook meals on the stove or in the oven (though be sure not to set temperature above 450 degrees Fahrenheit). It has a cast stay cool long handle, so you’re able to keep a comfortable distance while frying. The pan is crafted with a dual non-stick layer for quick and easy food release.

24. These Bath Salts Are A Great Way To End A Stressful Day

I make it a point to keep Dr Teal’s Epsom salt bath soaking solution stocked in my house. Formulated with pure epsom salt and natural eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, it soothes aches and speeds up recovery time after an injury. The solution can be mixed with a cup of hot water; making it into a paste to be applied to areas in pain. But my favorite way to use it is to pour into a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. It’s the best way to unwind after a workout.

25. A Laundry Soap Bar That Will Remove Grease Stains

The Fels-Naptha laundry soap bar can be used to break up oily or grease, marks around the collar, and discoloration found under the arm — and it gets rid of some serious stains, too. Rub the bar on the trouble areas, let the item sit for a few minutes, and then proceed to wash as you normally would. It's been around for 100 years, and it gets rid of stains to leave clothes, as reviewers wrote, "brand-new." Reviewers also say it can be used as a bar soap for relieving pain from poison ivy: who knew?

26. A Skin Cream That Protects Against Rough, Dry Skin

Good, thorough moisturizers can be hard to come by — but there’s no need to worry about the possibility of dry skin when you’re armed with a jar of Nivea creme. It is made with a rich, creamy formula that provides deep hydration to parched skin. Not only is it great for your hands, but it can be used on your face and entire body as well — and the dermatologically-tested and approved mixture will consistently soothe the skin after each use.

27. This Shampoo And Conditioner Set Will Give You Stronger Hair

This Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner set is worth every cent of its $22 price tag. It contains one of the holy grail beauty ingredients: Jamaican castor oil. The oil revitalizes hair that has become weak from overprocessing. Ideal for natural strands or hair in transition, the formula uses shea butter to provide much-needed moisture to restore a soft and shiny appearance. The peppermint oil soothes dry scalp while the apple cider vinegar balances pH levels; promoting naturally healthy hair growth.

28. A Stainless Steel Thermos Food Jar With A Spoon

In an effort to cut monthly costs, packing your own lunch every single day can go a long way. But if you find yourself without a microwave while outside your home, it can be tough to do without a hot meal. The Thermos food jar ensures you’ll never have to suffer that fate by keeping your meal warm for up to seven hours (it can also keep liquids cool for nine hours). Its compact stainless steel design is not only sleek; it provides proper insulation and includes a spoon. Happy eating.

29. This Kitchen Timer Is The Perfect Cooking Companion

When it comes time to cook a meal to perfection, it boils down to nailing the timing. You don’t want to end up with dried out food, nor do you want to end up noshing on undercooked meat. Forget the timer on your smartphone, and opt for this Kikkerland vintage kitchen timer instead. Aside from its fun, retro steel design, it’s small enough to place anywhere in your kitchen without becoming an eyesore. For use, turn the ring clockwise to 55 minutes, then counterclockwise to set for your desired time.

30. A Slow Cooker For Preparing Food At Your Own Pace

All my friends and family have gushed over their slow cookers and have insisted I get one — and I think I am finally being converted by the Crock-Pot cook and carry. Made in a polished silver stainless steel, the portable 6-quart cooker can serve up to eight people at once or hold an entire roast. You can either set the timer on high to get a quick meal, or put the food on low for slow preparation as you carry on with other chores. An added perk: the lid and removable stoneware are dishwasher-safe.

31. An Odor-Free Cream To Apply To Aching Joints And Muscles

The scent that emanates from most analgesic creams is the opposite of discreet and can be very overpowering. But not the Blue-Emu formula. It is both odor-free and non-greasy, so you won’t have to worry about it leaving any unwanted residue on your body or clothes. The emu oil mixture gets deep to relief sore muscles and joints — and it can be applied generously up to three times a day, for two weeks.

32. These Air Filters Will Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

I’m sure you’ve opened your refrigerator on many occasions and have been taken off guard by a very unpleasant odor. The Arm & Hammer air filters seek to combat the issue by leaving your fridge with a welcoming scent. It’s made with 100% baking soda that soaks up foul odors and helps to keep food fresh. Plus, the suction allows you to stick the filter anywhere in the fridge without the fear of displacement.

33. A Set Of Socks Made In Breathable Cotton

Cute, patterned socks are great, but nothing quite beats a classic set. You can always rely on Hanes to bring the comfort and functionality with their crew socks. They’re made with breathable cotton that helps to prevent feet from sweating — but it also includes spandex throughout for a stretchy fit. The reinforced heel and toe along with the cushioned bottom allows for extra durability — and these are all things you’ll be grateful for after spending several hours on your feet, trust me.

34. A Cream For Extremely Dry Hands

If you find yourself washing your hands countless times per day, you understand they can be left looking dry. Add cold weather into the mix and you can end up with really sore hands. Avoid or repair the damage with the O’Keefee’s hand cream. Within a few days of use you’ll notice a difference in texture and appearance as it works its healing magic. It creates a protective layer preventing further moisture loss while it deeply nourishes the skin. Use it after washing your hands and at bedtime for best results.

35. The Hot Rollers That Provide Salon-Style Bouncy Curls

These Conair hot rollers make styling your hair way less daunting than you imagine — and will give you bouncy curls and major volume. Put the 12 hot rollers in the case and they'll heat up in 85 seconds, and they come in two sizes. The clips also keep them secure, and the ceramic-infused technology makes sure your tendrils last for hours without causing severe damage to your hair.

36. A Medicated Powder For Treating Chafed Skin

Having sensitive skin can sometimes mean you’re prone to irritation. If that’s the case, you might want to keep a bottle of Caldesene medicated protecting powder in the medicine cabinet. Formulated with cornstarch, chamomile, aloe, and zinc oxide in a fresh scent, it treats chafing — and even works for diaper rashes or irritation. The powder has been proven to keep unwanted moisture away from skin, too.

37. This Headband Keeps Your Hair Away While Washing Your Face

Keep hair out of the way when washing your face, doing your makeup, or applying a mask — if you have these terry cloth headbands. The soft material also includes an elastic design making the headband comfortable to wear for long and repeated use. It absorbs moisture, which makes it perfect to wear to capture sweat while you’re getting a workout at the gym. Once the item becomes dirty, feel free to wash, as its adhesive won’t lose their stickiness.

38. These Food Storage Containers Are Leak-Proof

Hosting many dinners and gatherings can mean saying goodbye to your precious food containers. It’s why you have to keep a steady supply tucked away in your cabinets whenever you need some storage for leftovers. It doesn’t get better than this Rubbermiad 10-piece set. The BPA-free containers are 100% leak-proof and are entirely see-through; making it easy to eye food. Unseemly stains can be a thing of the past; as they are resistant to set-in marks. They can even be used in the dishwasher, freezer, or microwave without damage. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.