These 38 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon Have Been Best-Sellers For Generations

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There are a million body washes on the market — but they refuse to be outdone by the two million lotions that exist. Yes, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of products you see in front of you. I completely empathize. So how does the average person with limited time to spare make a quick and informed purchase? My fool-proof method in those scenarios is to stick with some classic products on Amazon. These are the kind of items you’ve seen stocked on shelves for generations. They’re safe. They’re familiar. But most importantly: they’re reliable and they work.

Those age-old products are easily some of my favorites. There’s a bit more trust from the outset because they’ve had loyal fans for a long time — and some have been around for hundreds of years. Literal centuries. These include the Thayers facial toner — around since 1847 — and Tiger Balm extra strength for those deep unsettling aches. No matter how far I stray in experimenting with new beauty and wellness products, I find myself returning to those tried-and-true items.

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