These 43 Cheapo Products On Amazon Do A Bang-Up Job

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Just because something isn't expensive doesn't mean it's not high-quality. In fact, there are tons of cheap products on Amazon that actually do a bang-up job without breaking the bank. These low-cost items span every category — from skin care and makeup to technology and travel — and treating yourself to one (or five) won't cause any buyer's remorse.

The one thing all of the affordable products on this list have in common is that they'll make your day-to-day so much easier. Some of them, dare we say, might even change your life. How about a kitchen gadget that separates egg yolks from whites with zero effort? Or a super smart "baggy rack" that holds Ziplocs up as you fill them with leftovers (seriously, though, how did anyone ever live without one of these before?) There's even a dishwashing brush that dispenses soap as you clean, and a red wine stain remover that works like a miracle. The craziest part is, nothing that I just mentioned will set you back more than $12.

The idea that price reflects quality is just flat-out wrong, and these budget-friendly Amazon products with near-perfect reviews exist to prove it. If you're looking to treat yourself without spending a ton, read on.

by Emily Estep

1. A Dishwashing Brush That Dispenses Soap As You Scrub

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, $6, Amazon

All you have to do is fill this brush with soap, which you'll then be able to dispense with the push of a button as you clean. The nylon bristles on the brush are firm but gentle, so they'll buff away food debris without damaging your glasses and dishes. It's also safe to use on non-stick cookware.


2. This Genius Stand That Holds Bags Open, So You Can Fill Them Without Spilling

Jokari Baggy Rack, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

With these genius racks, you can fill plastic bags with leftovers without the risk of spills or any assistance. They prop up bags and keep them open for you, just like a friend would, and since they're adjustable in length, you can use them to fill both small, sandwich-sized bags and much larger gallon-sized ones. Plus, if you like to wash and reuse your plastic bags, you can use these to hold them open for faster drying.


3. A Pair Of Noise-Cancelling Headphones (That Actually Work) For Under $20

Matedsous Noise-Cancelling Earphones, $16, Amazon

You can achieve total noise cancellation for less than $20 with these earphones that only deliver incredibly clear sound. They have soft, malleable ear tips that won't ever itch or scratch, and they have a perfect five-star rating on Amazon, so you know they really work. These earphones can also be used to make calls and are compatible with nearly any Bluetooth device.


4. This Nifty Tool That Separates Egg Yolks And Whites With A Simple Squeeze

Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor, $6, Amazon

This yolk extractor makes it incredibly easy to separate egg yolks from the whites, eliminating the hassle (and mess) once and for all. All you do is guide it over the yolk of a cracked egg and squeeze. Then, it sucks up the yolk, which, with another squeeze, will be released. It's an affordable way to make cooking your breakfast omelet just a little bit easier each morning.


5. A Spiralizer That Turns Veggies Into Noodles

Original SpiraLife Spiralizer, $14, Amazon

This spiralizer can turn nearly any vegetable into healthy, delicious noodles of various sizes for less than $15. It has super sharp blades that can create thick noodles that won't turn to mush once they're covered in sauce: You can even put the noodles in soup and they'll retain their shape. The spiralizer also comes with a vegetable peeler, cleaning brush, storage bag, and ebook of recipes.


6. An Air Purifying Pouch That Uses Bamboo Charcoal To Eliminate Unwanted Odors

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, $10, Amazon

With this air purifying bag, you can keep any small area dry and free of unpleasant odors for just $10. Each bag is packed with natural bamboo charcoal that filters the air with its natural, antibacterial properties. Beyond unwanted odors, it also absorbs allergens and pollutants, making it ideal for anyone with asthma or other respiratory issues. One bag covers an area of about 90 square feet and lasts for two years.


7. A Silicone Trivet That Expands To Fit Any Pot Or Pan

Norpro Expandable Trivet, $7, Amazon

This expandable trivet protects your tables and countertops from hot serving trays, pots, and pans, and it can be stretched from a compact 1.5 inches to a much larger 8.5 inches. It's made of silicone, so it won't scratch any surfaces or damage fancy cookware, and it's heat-resistant to temperatures of up to 465 degrees Fahrenheit.


8. A Pizza Cutter With Tongs To Pick Up Slices

7th And Swag Pizza Cutter Multi-Tool, $14, Amazon

This convenient multi-tool functions as both a pizza cutter and pair of tongs, so you can cut your slices and then serve them neatly. This way, you won't burn your fingers on super hot pizza or make a stringy, cheesy mess. You can also use it to cut and serve brownies, pies, cornbread, and a variety of other foods.


9. A Green Tea Cleansing Foam From Korea's Number-One Beauty Brand

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam, $10, Amazon

Made with organic green tea, this gentle cleansing foam is packed with antioxidants that help protect and heal your skin. The foam expertly washes off every last trace of makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. It has a near-perfect, 4.5-star rating and is made by Korea's number-one skin care company, Innisfree. Plus, nearly 90 percent of the formula is made of all-natural ingredients.


10. An Automatic Beer Bottle Opener That Looks Sleek, Too

ICCKER Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener, $8, Amazon

Using a simple magnet, this sleek, stainless steel bottle opener removes bottle caps with barely any effort. It's a nice thing to leave out for guests at parties and, since it's actually much smaller than it looks, is great to travel or camp with, too.


11. A Microwave Steam Cleaner That Does All The Work For You

Buzfi Microwave Steam Cleaner, $7, Amazon

Thanks to this cute little steam cleaner, you can clean your microwave with minimal effort and without any harsh chemicals. All you do is fill it up with a mix of vinegar and water and then microwave it for 7 minutes. The steam it emits loosens up all the grime in the microwave, so the whole interior can be cleaned with a quick wipe-down. It's heat-resistant, you can use it over and over again, and it's super fun (and useful) to give as a gift, too.


12. This Genius Little Tool That Removes The Cores From Strawberries

OXO Good Grips Strawberry Huller, $8, Amazon

This strawberry huller removes the cores of everyone's favorite berry in a matter of seconds, so all that remains is the delicious fruit. It's ideal for creating strawberry-themed desserts or preparing berries for your weekly meal prep. All you do is twist it, and your work is done. You can also use it to core other fruits and veggies, like tomatoes.


13. A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Delivers Incredibly Loud Volume

Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker, $18, Amazon

This tiny Bluetooth speaker packs a mighty punch. Its sound rivals that of much larger speakers, though it's compact enough to stick in your pocket. You can hook it up to basically any Bluetooth-compatible device, and you can even use it as a remote shutter to take photos. It's available in three different colors and will only set you back a mere $20.


14. A Nourishing Stick For Dry, Cracked Heels That Also Softens Calluses

Miracle Of Aloe Heel Stick, $10, Amazon

Nearly 400 Amazon users agree that this aloe stick is a miracle product for dry, cracked heels. Its formula also includes shea butter, cocoa butter, and tea tree oil — a combination that hydrates, soothes, and disinfects. Since it comes in stick form, there's no mess, and you can carry it in your purse or travel with it easily.


15. A Toaster Rack Puller That'll Prevent You From Ever Getting Burned Again

MSC Oven And Toaster Rack Puller, $5, Amazon

Thanks to this rack puller, you'll never accidentally burn your fingers trying to get a casserole out of the oven again. It's made of silicone and resists temperatures of up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it to pull out hot dishware or the oven rack itself. It's a simple but useful tool to keep in the kitchen, and is an affordable (but useful) thing to give as a housewarming gift, too.


16. A Red Wine Stain Remover That Doesn't Rely On Bleach Or Phosphates

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover, $7, Amazon

Everyone knows red wine stains are particularly difficult to remove, but this stain remover is here to save the day. You can use it on old wine stains as well as fresh spills, and it gets rid of the color without using any bleach. It also works on stains from coffee, ink, sauces, and pet messes, too. A must-have for any vino-lover to keep in their purse.


17. A Himalayan Salt Lamp That'll Enhance The Ambience In Any Type Of Space

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp, $19, Amazon

These beautiful little lamps are made of genuine salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains, so each one is slightly unique. Unlit, they're a soft pink shade, and once you turn them on, they emit an amber glow. They're ideal for use as a nightlight or for mood lighting, and also add ambiance to boring old offices and desks. They also have a built-in dimmer, so you can decide just how bright you want the light to be.


18. An Affordable (But Quality) Eyelash Curler That Lasts For Years

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler, $10, Amazon

This eyelash curler delivers high-quality results for a low price. It has a calibrated hinge that provides uniform pressure across your lashes so that each one is thoroughly curled, and it doesn't tug, pull, or cause any damage. It's made of durable stainless steel and even comes with a storage pouch and spare refill pads.


19. A Collapsible Cover To Prevent Your Microwave From Becoming A Mess

Tovolo Collapsible Microwave Cover, $8, Amazon

This collapsible cover has lid perforations that allow steam to escape while you heat up your food, so your microwave will never get messy again. The cover is intuitive to use and it's easy to clean. Plus, it collapses on itself in between uses, so it will barely take up any space in your cabinets. The sturdy, heat-resistant microwave cover can handle temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


20. A Set Of Travel-Safe Bottles That Will Get You Through TSA Hassle-Free

iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottle Set, $17, Amazon

Never worry about TSA liquid regulations again with these perfectly-sized travel bottles. Each set includes four bottles and one jar for creams in various (airline-approved) sizes. They also come with pre-printed labels, so you'll know what you're using, and they feature a leak-proof design.


21. A Set Of Cord Identifying Tags To Organize All Your Wires

Dotz Cord Identifiers, $6 (5 Pack), Amazon

The idea behind these cord identifiers is simple yet genius. You slide them onto each one of your cords — from cell phone chargers to the ones behind your television — so you'll instantly know which is which. They come in five different colors and with ten labels for you to write on.


22. A Pair Of No-Tie Shoelaces That Reduce Foot Pressure

Lock Laces No-Tie Shoelaces, $8, Amazon

You can replace traditional shoelaces with these no-tie laces on any pair of lace-up shoes, instantly transforming them into comfortable, time-saving slip-ons. They actually conform to your feet for an extra-tight hold, so your shoes won't become loose or lose their shape. In fact, they actually compress your feet, which reduces intensity on your pressure points throughout the day. They're available in more than ten colors.


23. A Pair Of Sliding Discs For An Effective Workout Anywhere

Healthy Model Life Core Gliding Discs, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

These sliding discs can instantly elevate any workout, both at home and at the gym. They have a naturally curved design that helps keep your feet in place and you can use them on any type of flooring, from hardwood to carpet, thanks to their removable covers. And, since they're so small and lightweight, it's easy to toss them in your gym bag or carry-on and take them wherever you go.


24. This Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid Serum For Glowing, Even Skin

Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C Serum, $12, Amazon

This pH-balanced vitamin C serum can lighten sun spots, balance skin tone, and even out texture with just a tiny bit of product. The formula also contains organic hyaluronic acid that keeps skin hydrated for hours after application. Amazon users love this product, which has more than 300 comments adding up to a nearly-perfect rating. It also doesn't hurt that it's about 10 times cheaper than most other vitamin C serums on the market.


25. A Bag Holder That Attaches To Most Surfaces To Keep Your Purse From Touching The Ground

Bag Man Portable Bag Hanger, $14, Amazon

With this bag holder, you'll be able to create a hook that latches onto any surface, so you'll never have to put your purse or backpack on the floor again. It can be attached to any surface that's less than two inches thick and holds up to 22 pounds of weight. It has a fun, cartoonish design and is available in multiple colors.


26. A Stainless Steel Bar That Gets Rid Of Tough Food Odors

Amco Rub-a-Way Bar, $12, Amazon

When soap can't get rid of the unwanted odors that come with preparing fish, garlic, onions and other stubborn foods, this bar will be there for you. All you do is rub it between your hands and be amazed as the smell disappears: You don't even need water for it to work! It's ideal for keeping next to the kitchen sink, and one bar lasts forever — literally.


27. A Set Of Foam Drawer Liners That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Produce

Dualplex Veggie Life Extender Liners, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

These refrigerator drawer liners can extend the life of fruits, veggies, and other fresh foods by allowing air to circulate through their porous material. No longer must your fresh produce spoil shortly after placing it in the fridge, which will also help cut down on your grocery bills. The customizable liners can also be cut down to any size to fit in any drawer.


28. This Simple Device That Makes It Easier To Hold And Prop Up Your Phone

PopSocket, $9, Amazon

With a PopSocket attached to your phone or tablet, you'll be able to hold onto your device more securely, which translates to better selfies and better gaming results. You can also extend it to turn it into a stand, allowing you to prop up your phone and read or watch videos. They're available in a ton of colors, and though they won't fall off your phone under any circumstances, they won't damage the exterior, either.


29. A Card Holder That Attaches To Your Smart Phone For Easy Access Anytime

Ringke Flip Card Holder, $8, Amazon

This card holder allows you to store between six and eight credit cards as well as cash, so you'll never have to bring a wallet or purse out with you again. It attaches to your cell phone with an adhesive that won't cause any damage, and it even has a wrist strap that makes it easier to hold onto your device.


30. A Set Of Resistance Bands To Amp Up Your Workout

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands, $11, Amazon

This set of five different resistance bands can make a huge difference in your workout, whether you're interested in strength training, yoga, or Pilates. Each one offers more resistance than the last, and they're designed so that they won't irritate your skin. The bands come with a 41-page eBook that'll get you started if you're not sure how to use them, so they're perfect for fitness newbies as well as seasoned experts.


31. A Pack Of Reusable Grocery Bags That Can Hold Tons Of Weight

ECOHIP Reusable Grocery Bags, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

This three-pack of reusable grocery bags replaces wasteful plastic bags in your shopping routine. They're lightweight, foldable, and made of 100 percent cotton, and each one has a convenient handle that makes them easy to carry. Plus, they can hold up to 20 pounds each, and you can toss them in the washing machine if they start getting dirty.


32. This Super Cute Headband To Keep Your Hair Off Your Face During Your Skin Care Routine

Etude House Etti Hair Band, $6, Amazon

This adorable little cat ear headband keeps hair out of your face as you go through each step in your skin care routine. Whether you're masking, washing, or simply applying moisturizer, it's convenient (and cute) to have on hand. It also makes as a fun little gift for the beauty-lover in your life.


33. A Fast-Drying Top Coat That Protects Your Manicure As Soon As It's Over

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, $7, Amazon

Seche Vite is a staple in the beauty community for good reason. It's the best, fast-drying top coat on the market, and it costs less than $10. Once you're done painting your nails, you apply one coat, and your manicure will be hard and dry in a matter of moments. Plus, it won't discolor your polish or turn yellow over time.


34. A Reusable Cleaning Cloth That Can Be Used On Any Surface

PERSIK Window And Glass Cleaning Cloth, $17, Amazon

These incredible cleaning cloths can remove more than 99 percent of bacteria on any surface using only water. They're made of multi-filament yarn made up of more than 1,000 strands, which is what makes them such expert cleaners. They're also infinitely reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice.


35. A Smart Plug That Works With Any Device In Your Home

KULED Smart Plug, $14, Amazon

With this smart plug, you'll be able to turn your devices on and off from a distance just by using an app on your phone or tablet. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and any other device that can be set up using a standard outlet. You can even schedule it to automatically turn on (or off) your AC, lights, or water heater, too.


36. This Cleaning Putty That Destroys Germs Hiding In Your Keyboard

Cyber Clean Putty, $15, Amazon

You can clean between the tight spots in your keyboard, cell phone, and other tiny spaces with this putty that removes debris. It absorbs dust and dirt and gets rid of nearly 100 percent of germs, so it's especially ideal for shared office environments. It's easy and intuitive to use — not to mention fun — and you won't have to carry around serious cleaning supplies to get the job done.


37. A Tiny, $3 Flashlight That's Insanely Powerful

Perman Mini Flashlight, $3, Amazon

You never know when this little flashlight could come in handy, and it only costs $3. It's small enough that you can stash it in your purse or glove compartment, but it's powerful and bright enough to light your way on a dark path. It's also designed to balance and stand on its own, so you can use it as a stationary source of light (like a candle).


38. A Set Of Magnetic Hangers That Won't Damage Your Walls

GoodHangups Magnetic Poster Hangers, $15 (8 Pack), Amazon

These powerful magnetic poster hangers can hold artwork up to 624 square inches without damaging the walls, so it's perfect for apartment rentals that don't allow you to use nails. They're completely reusable, unlike Command Strips and putty, so one purchase will last you indefinitely.


39. A Brilliant Water Bottle That Also Functions As A Night Light And Mist Spritzer

Foladion Smart Sports Water Bottle, $20, Amazon

There's not much that this versatile water bottle can't do. Beyond being a drinking vessel, it also has an emergency lamp, built-in night light, spray button (so you can mist your face), and reminder function that encourages you to drink enough water throughout the day. This makes it perfect for camping and outdoor activities, and all you need to charge it is a standard USB cord.


40. A Durable Headphone Case That Clips Right Onto Your Bag

ZEEYU Headset Case, $7, Amazon

Anything you want to keep safe will be secure from the elements in this headset case. The hard outer shell prevents it from warping, so you won't have to worry about its contents being crushed. Ideal for storing headphones, flash drives, keys, jewelry, and really any other small, important item, it also has a connected carabiner that makes it easy to attach your bag or purse.


41. A Detangling Brush That Gets Rid Of Knots Without Damaging Your Hair

Fine Touch Glide Thru Detangler Brush, $6, Amazon

With soft, bendy, plastic bristles, this detangling brush gently picks apart knots in your hair without causing any breakage or pain. It works for all hair types and can even be used in the shower. Plus, the plastic bristles massage your scalp without being too abrasive, which promotes blood circulation, encourages healthy hair growth, and distributes natural oils for more shine.


42. A 3-Pack Of Hipster Panties That Are Super Stretchy And Comfy

Mae Airy Hipsters, $20 (3 Pack), Amazon

These classic hipster panties are made with an elastane blend that makes them extra stretchy. The soft, lightweight fabric feels like you aren't wearing anything at all, and the nearly seamless edges won't irritate your or thighs or reveal panty lines. The three-pack is available in five color combinations, including stripes, neutrals, and pastels.

  • Available in sizes: XS-XL

43. A Nine-Pack Of Gentle And All-Natural Olive Oil Soap

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap, $13 (9 Pack), Amazon

These bars of soap are made of pure olive oil, so they're extremely gentle — but also super moisturizing. They're totally free of artificial fragrances and dyes (making them a great option for people with sensitive skin) and are even biodegradable. Every order comes with three packs of three (so nine total) to last you a while: Use them on your face or body without worrying about icky chemicals or irritation.

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