These 43 Cheapo Products On Amazon Do A Bang-Up Job

By Emily Estep
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Just because something isn't expensive doesn't mean it's not high-quality. In fact, there are tons of cheap products on Amazon that actually do a bang-up job without breaking the bank. These low-cost items span every category — from skin care and makeup to technology and travel — and treating yourself to one (or five) won't cause any buyer's remorse.

The one thing all of the affordable products on this list have in common is that they'll make your day-to-day so much easier. Some of them, dare we say, might even change your life. How about a kitchen gadget that separates egg yolks from whites with zero effort? Or a super smart "baggy rack" that holds Ziplocs up as you fill them with leftovers (seriously, though, how did anyone ever live without one of these before?) There's even a dishwashing brush that dispenses soap as you clean, and a red wine stain remover that works like a miracle. The craziest part is, nothing that I just mentioned will set you back more than $12.

The idea that price reflects quality is just flat-out wrong, and these budget-friendly Amazon products with near-perfect reviews exist to prove it. If you're looking to treat yourself without spending a ton, read on.

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