These 54 Things Under $35 On Amazon Are Among The Best Inventions Of All Time


They say "necessity is the mother of invention" — and believe it or not, some of the best inventions are available on Amazon for under $35. The most amazing part is that you'll never even have to leave your house to buy them. Whether you're looking for something that'll help you become more efficient in the kitchen or at the office, the options featured on this list run the gamut. Ranging from dish squeegees to reusable notebooks, these products will help make the process of day-to-day living feel more simplistic and carefree.

At first glance, some of these items might feel like run-of-the-mill products that you're used to seeing around people's homes. With that, however, you'll find that many of them have the potential of becoming things that you never knew you needed (like pancake mix dispensers and stretchy silicone container lids). In other words, once you give any of these items a try, you'll probably never want to put them down.

Whether they become products you use daily or just once in a while, these inventions are sure to be super useful to both you and your family. Thanks to Amazon, they're all easy to find and available right at your fingertips.

1. A Set Of Food-Shaped Containers To Store Fruits And Veggies

Sometimes, it's hard to find ways to store fruits and vegetables without the using endless plastic wrap and storage bags. That's why these vegetable-shaped containers are total game-changers. Made to store avocados, tomatoes, lemons, and onions, these BPA-free keepers can easily fit into your refrigerator and seal tightly for ongoing freshness.

2. These Scrubbing Gloves That Eliminate The Need For Sponges

Protect your hand while removing tough dirt and grime from post, pans, dishes, and more with this set of heavyweight scrubbing gloves. They'll alleviate the need for sponges because they're lined with a rough outer layer that doubles as a dishcloth. Made with latex-free materials, each glove is thermal-resistant and fully waterproof.

3. The Container That Strains And Stores Cooking Grease

Save your kitchen grease with this "Bacon Bin" grease strainer and storage container. The barrel features a removable strainer that separates small bits from your liquified grease as you pour it in. Made of BPA-free silicone, the cup is also heat-resistant up to 500 degree Fahrenheit. Plus, since it's made with nonstick materials, its contents can be easily scooped out once they become hardened.

4. This Dispenser That Pours Pancake Batter Evenly

This pancake batter dispenser will make baking a total breeze. Made of BPA-free plastic, the 4-cup container will help maintain even pouring for perfectly sized desserts and food items. It's easy to clean, durable, and simple enough for both adults and children alike. All you have to do is squeeze the handle and let the batter pour onto your griddle.

5. A Blackout Eye Mask With Cushioned Rims

Sleep comfortably with the this blackout eye mask. It uses adjustable foam eye cups that'll conform to your face to block out unwanted light. The cups also leave enough room so that there's no pressure on your eyes while you snooze. They're even lined with breathable fabric and come with a velour strap that's snag-free.

6. These Silicone Lid Huggers That Stretch To Fit Any Container

These silicone lid huggers make covering jars, bowls, and other containers super simple. One pack comes with six sizes that'll cover containers up to 10 inches wide (with 3 inches being the lowest). Each cover is BPA- and phthalate-free. They're also completely microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so using them and cleaning up afterwards will be easy.

7. The Padded Bunion-Relief Socks With Split Toes

You'll be able to instantly reduce foot pain with this pair of bunion-relief socks. Each one is made with a split-toe design to comfort painful pressure points, and they feature optimally-placed padding to help with discomfort. The lightweight socks are also moisture-wicking and breathable —and they come with full blister protection.

8. An Insulated Water Bottle With A Bluetooth Speaker Lid

Drink and be entertained all at once with this two-in-one stainless steel water bottle that has a speaker lid. The fully-insulated container has the ability to keep beverages hot and cold for extended periods of time. Plus, the speaker cap is Bluetooth-enabled and can easily sync with your electronic devices for hours of musical fun (and hydration).

9. These Tight Wristbands That Provide Nausea Relief

Stop nausea in its tracks using these motion sickness wristbands. They work by applying pressure on specific points of each wrist to bring relief and balance to your body. This system — which works without the use of over-the-counter drugs — produces no side effects, providing a natural solution for nausea.

10. The Therapy Roller That Massages Hands And Fingers

Relieve achy hands and fingers with this therapy roller. The double-sided tool — which uses two different massage rollers — works to increase circulation and reduce arthritis pain as you glide it across troubled areas. It can help you apply pressure to individual fingers and pressure points on your hands.

11. This Mini Steam Iron That Removes Wrinkles On-The-Go

This mini steam iron is great for removing wrinkles from all of your garments and clothing. It features a 1.4-ounce water tank that heats up in 15 just seconds, and it comes with three different temperature settings to accommodate various types of clothing. Great for on-the-go use, this iron even has its own travel bag.

12. The Veggie Spiralizer With A Mess-Free Catch Tray

Food prepping will be both safe and easy with this veggie spiralizer. It offers five interchangeable blades that can slice, spiral, grate and julienne vegetables — and it comes with a 1-quart catch tray for a simple and mess-free process. Made of nontoxic and BPA-free plastic, this slicer is a great kitchen tool for all of your cooking needs.

13. A Neck Pillow With An Attached Hoodie For Added Comfort

Block out the light and stay cozy while relaxing with this hoodie pillow. Lined with a blend of polyester and cotton sweatshirt, it's great for use while traveling or lounging around the house. It also features an adjustable hoodie compartment with drawstrings, as well as a pillow that inflates and deflates as needed for easy storage.

14. This Flexible Squeegee That Makes Doing The Dishes Easy

Clean plates in a cinch with this flexible dish squeegee. It comes with a nonslip edge that helps clear debris with a simple glide, therefore reducing the time, effort, and water needed to wash dishes. Thanks to its sturdy grip, the BPA-free device also works great at removing grime from countertops, sinks, and more.

15. An Ionic Hair-Straightening Brush That Heats Up Fast

You'll be able to straighten your hair and beard in half the amount of time while using this ionic straightener brush. The device heats up in 30 seconds while ions help eliminate frizz and flyaways. Its compact, simple to use, and offers five temperature settings that'll help suit your daily styling needs.

16. A Rose Quartz Roller Set That Massages Your Skin

Made of quality stone, this double-sided rose quartz roller and gua sha set helps smooth skin and reduce any unwanted puffiness. The tool also works as a massager to rejuvenate skin while reducing the appearance of under-eye circles. Meanwhile, the added gua sha scraper goes deeper to encourage better circulation.

17. The Selfie Ring Light That Also Holds Your Phone Up

In this day and age of endless photos and videos, having the proper lighting is key. Thanks to this selfie ring light, you'll be able to achieve that and more. It feature three lighting modes that each have 10 adjustable brightness levels. The device also comes with a cell phone holder, and it's compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

18. This Charging Stand That Powers Multiple Products At Once

This charging stand will help power up all your devices at once. Made to support Apple products, it allows almost every iPhone to be placed horizontally for full access while powering up (whether you're FaceTiming or watching movies). It's also designed to hold and charge wireless AirPods as well as the brand's watches.

19. A Comfortable Headband With Built-In Bluetooth Earphones

Perfect for sleeping, working out, or traveling, these headband headphones allow for hands-free use. Compatible with most Apple or Android products via Bluetooth, this band lets you easily listen to your favorite tunes and books while answering calls without the use of uncomfortable earphones or wires. The washable headband is made of special compression fabric that offers maximum comfort and full breathability.

20. The Powerful Earbuds That Come With A Charging Case

If wireless earbuds are more your thing, this pair meets high standards. Made to be fully wireless, these buds offer between six to eight hours of nonstop playtime on just one charge (which is awesome for long trips). They also come with their own charging case which can give them 24 hours of power. And thanks to the earbuds' Bluetooth capabilities, you can answer calls with a single touch.

21. This Car Phone Mount That Charges Wirelessly

Keep your phone fully charged while in use with this wireless car charger and mount. The two-in-one design charges both iPhone and Android devices once it's clamped onto your car's dashboard or vent area. It can easily be taken in and out of the holder, and it works in conjunction with various cell phones cases.

22. These Nylon Packing Cubes That Come With A Shoe Bag

These packing cubes are great organizational tools for anyone who travels often. The six-pack comes with five different clothing cubes and a bonus shoe bag to keep everything nice and neat within your suitcase. Made of durable nylon fabric with double zippers, this sturdy collection comes in a large array of colors for your choosing.

23. A Surge Protector With 3 USB Outlets To Charge Your Gadgets

Using this surge protector with not only help keep your dwelling space safe, but it'll also allow you to charge several items at one time. It safeguards against fire and electrical overload while easily plugging into any outlet around your home. Constructed with three USB-charging ports and four additional outlets, it's great for powering up your favorite devices simultaneously.

24. This Wedge Pillow That Helps Relieve Pain While You Rest

Get more comfortable rest with this therapeutic foam wedge pillow. Constructed to reduce acid reflux as well as back, neck, and circulation problems, this pillow can be used under your upper or lower body to raise your head or legs while you relax. For added convenience, it comes with a removable bamboo cover that can easily be thrown in the washer for laundering.

25. The White Noise Machine With Adjustable Tone Settings

Experience a calm night while using this white noise machine. It's thoughtfully designed to block out external audibles while smoothing the sound of your sleeping quarters — and it's suitable for both adults and children. The machine comes with adjustable tone and volume settings, and it's small enough to keep on your nightstand or side table.

26. An Electric Egg Cooker That Makes Poached And Boiled Eggs

You'll be able to make breakfast for you entire family in a flash with this electric egg cooker. It fits seven eggs and has the ability to prepare both poached and boiled options in less than eight minutes. This device ensures that your food is never overcooked, and it features a timer that sounds when breakfast is done.

27. This Milk Frother That Makes Cafe-Style Drinks At Home

Get the luxury of café-style lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more with this milk frother. It heats and prepares foam in just a few minutes, and it comes with an automatic shut-off setting that activates when your froth is ready for consumption. Thanks to its stainless steel design, it'll look great on any kitchen countertop — and it's also super easy to clean.

28. An Electric Knife Sharpener That Also Polishes The Blades

Keep all of your kitchen tools in pristine condition with this electric knife sharpener. It uses a two-stage sharpening process that reshapes and sharpens the blades before polishing them. Designed for use on straight-edged knives only, this device also comes with and auto-stop feature to prevent damage to your cooking tools.

29. This Salt And Pepper Grinding Set With Built-In Lights

These attractive salt and pepper grinders work with the touch of a button to grind spices at various levels of coarseness. Each one is battery-operated and equipped with an illuminating light to help you see how much salt or pepper you're adding as you season your food. The set also comes with a mill tray that'll help keep your counter top clean.

30. An Insulated Lunch Box That Comes In Variety Of Colors

A great accessory for hiking, camping, or just a long day at the office, this insulated lunch box works to keep food fresh for over six hours. It utilizes a wide design, and it's extremely durable (thanks to its inner layer of aluminum and outer layer of nylon). The bag also comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and it's perfect for anyone who takes their meals to-go.

31. This Rapid-Boil Electric Tea Kettle That's Completely Wireless

This electric tea kettle boils water quickly and efficiently. Made with durable glass that's also stain-resistant, this BPA-free pot has the ability to save you tons of time while when making beverages, oatmeal, and more. It also features a cordless design for easy pouring — and it shuts off automatically when the water inside is ready.

32. The Food Container That Separates On-The-Go Meals

Made of BPA-free materials, this bento-style tray is ideal for keeping on-the-go meals fresh. The set has a large bowl at the base and a sectioned upper tray that holds and separates toppings and snacks. It also comes with a lid that has locking clips, along with a reusable fork that stores neatly on top. There's also a leak-proof sauce container that keeps dressing from dripping and making a mess as you travel.

33. A Reusable Notebook That Uploads Your Notes And Wipes Clean

Eliminate waste and clutter with this reusable notebook. It lets you write and upload your notes to some of the most used cloud services out there (like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud). This comprehensive set come with one high-tech notebook, one erasable pen, and a microfiber cloth that helps you wipe the pages clean when you're finished.

34. This Set Of Stainless Steel Meat Claws For Cooking

These durable meat claws will help you shred and mince in a matter of seconds. Made of solid metal, they will totally eliminate the need for tedious cutting with knives and forks. They're also dishwasher-safe and feature easy-grip handles that can shred through meats like pork, chicken, beef, and more. The shredders even come with a pair of silicone-gripped cooking gloves and a seasoning brush.

35. This Ice Double-Ended Ice Scraper To Help Clean Your Car Off

Remove the snow and ice from you car quickly and easily with this dual-ended snow broom and ice scraper. It features an extendable pole that easily maneuvers for simple cleanup and ice removal, along with a broom end that offers an 18-inch foam head to cover large, snowy areas. After use, this device folds down compactly to fit inside your car or trunk.

36. The Compact Measuring Set That Adjusts To Your Needs

This adjustable measuring set will help you follow your recipes to an exact science: Just adjust one of the pieces to the measurement you need, and then fill it up with your chosen ingredient. The slide-out containers are made with zinc alloy and plastic — and they're small enough to keep inside your utensil drawer. They're also dishwasher-safe for quick cleaning.

37. A Convenient Outlet Shelf With A 10-Pound Capacity

Store your phone and other devices while they charge with the help of this outlet shelf. It works great with cell phones, speakers, and other electronic devices, featuring a platform that can support up to 10 pounds in total. The sleek design — which can be used with most outlets — makes it the perfect addition to any room.

38. This Bedside Caddy To Keep Your Must-Haves Close

You'll never have to search for the remote again after installing this bedside caddy. It secures between your mattress and box spring while offering pockets for easy access to magazines, cell phones, remotes, glasses, pens, water bottles, and more. Made of durable cotton canvas, this attachment is great for all ages and will compliment your bedding. Choose from three different colors.

39. These Pocket Socks With Zippered Pouches For Your Cards And Cash

Go completely hands-free by stowing all of your small belongings in these pocket socks. The black socks will help you protect your valuables as you travel — and they come with a zippered pocket that's large enough to fit an identification card, credit cards, cash, keys, and more. Made with combed cotton, spandex, and polyester, they're also comfortable and durable.

40. This Wire Organizer That Also Holds Your Phone While It's Charging

Keep your electronic devices nice and neat while charging them up with this cord organizer. Perfect for use in your home or office, this solution will keep your charging cord untangled while optimizing your overall space. It'll also hold your phone in place near the outlet, so you'll have everything you need in one secure package.

41. The Silicone Cheese Storage Box That Helps Prevent Mold

This silicone cheese vault can store all of your favorite cheeses while preventing mold and moisture buildup. It uses adjustable storage inserts and comes with dividers to create smaller compartments for different cheeses. The food-safe container is also BPA-free and reusable. It even comes in four different colors to choose from.

42. These Elastic Shoelaces That Don't Require Any Tying

Never worry about tying your shoes again with these elastic shoelaces. The stretchy strings can easily turn your sneakers into slip-on shoes; all you have to do is slide them through the holes and lock them into place. Each set can fit different shoe sizes, and they're available in 12 colors to match various sneakers.

43. The Elastic Traction Cleats For Walking On Ice And Snow

Prevent slips and falls while walking on snow and ice with these traction cleats. They're made with steel coils to provide 360-degree stability around your shoe soles. The outer elastic bands help them easily slip on and off — and they come in a range of sizes to fit your particular needs. Available in sizes: XS - L

44. This Garage Door Opener That You Can Control From Anywhere

You'll be able to open and close your garage from anywhere you want with this smart garage door opener, which can connect to an app on your phone. It can be easily installed and provide a peace of mind for the entire family. With the offer of real-time notifications, it'll remove your worries about accidentally leaving your garage door open for extended periods of time.

45. The Pack Of Colorful Lightbulbs That Are Voice-Controlled

These voice-activated lightbulbs offer ultimate control over your home's lighting system when they're hooked up to your smart device. However, they can also be manipulated from an app on your phone. They come with various lighting effects that can be changed and dimmed to your liking — and this pack includes two bulbs that are great additions to any house.

46. A Weather Forecast Station That's Completely Wireless

Stay up-to-date on changes in the weather with this wireless forecast station. The device reacts with different colors to report changes in temperature and barometric pressure. It works to two AA batteries (so don't worry about any cords) — and it has an adjustable backlight for easy visibility.

47. These Eyelashes That Adhere With Magnetic Eyeliner

You can get thicker, longer-looking lashes instantly with this set of magnetic eyelashes. The kit works with a unique eyeliner that has ultra-fine magnetic particles to help your lashes adhere without the use of glue. The entire set — which also includes a mirror and tweezers — is latex-free and easy to use.

48. The Nose Hair Trimmer With An Impressive 4.9-Star Rating

You can rid yourself of unwanted hair safely and gently with this nose-and-ear hair trimmer. It's made with dual-sided stainless steel blades that work quickly and painlessly with every use. The device operates with one battery, making it completely cordless for easy on-the-go trimming. Did I mention that it has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon?

49. A Foldable Makeup Mirror With Different Levels Of Magnification

The middle section of this makeup mirror is lined with lights that have adjustable brightness settings — and the entire structure boasts three different magnification modes so you can get as close as you'd like while applying makeup. The mirror's three-panel styling also makes it possible to be folded up when you're done using it.

50. This Waterproof Shower Speaker That Also Shows The Time

Singing in the tub will never be the same, all thanks to this wireless shower speaker. It's Bluetooth-operated and features an LED display that allows you to keep an eye on the time as you get ready for your day. The device — which comes with suction cups — is fully waterproof, but it can also be used outdoors with FM radio and the built-in antenna.

51. The Screen Magnifier That Turns Your Phone Into A Theater

Turn your smartphone into a miniature home theater with this foldable screen magnifier. Ideal for road trips, camping, and other activities, this projector is easy to use and simple to take with you anywhere you go. Just place your phone on the wooden platform and watch the clear film. It'll help prevent eye fatigue while viewing — and it's a great accessory to have on hand for both children and adults.

52. This Portable Humidifier With Changing LED Lights

This portable humidifier is great for use in your home, office or car. Powered with via USB, this device can last for up to six continuous hours on one charge (or 12 hours when used intermittently). It's completely noiseless and features seven colorful LED light modes to calmly soothe you when you're ready to relax. There's also an automatic shut-off feature for when the water runs low.

53. The Mini Space Heater That's Perfect For Personal Use

Stay warm and toasty at your desk or in your home with this miniature space heater. Designed for personal use, this heater helps transform any chilly area into a warmer, cozier space. It features 25-degree oscillation and works with little to no noise during operation. There's also an overheating function that shuts the unit down when it gets too hot.

54. These Reusable Storage Bags That Help To Reduce Waste

These reusable storage bags are great for reducing waste and clutter in your home. Made of food-grade materials, they're great alternatives to plastic storage bags and can be reused several times with easy cleaning in between. What makes these so great is that they can also stand on their own, creating more space for storage in your freezer and refrigerator. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.