These Are The Self-Esteem Issues You’re Most Likely To Experience, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Considering there are so many things that affect self-esteem, it's really no wonder maintaining a healthy level of confidence can sometimes be tricky business. If you feel like your self-esteem could use a boost, take a look at your relationships, your career, and your mental health — all things that can make or break how you feel about yourself. And if you include the ways your zodiac sign can come into play, then you have even more info to consider in your ongoing quest to showcase your most authentic self.

Taking a look at your zodiac sign is always an interesting way to get to know yourself just that little bit more. And, it can even help you to see yourself in a new way. "Each sign has strengths and challenges. Different signs emphasize different personality traits," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "When you become more aware of your sign’s issues, you can develop strategies to overcome them. Astrology can help with that process."

Of course, you'll want to balance it all by checking in with yourself, and what other factors may be dragging you down, while also keeping in mind that there are plenty of traits your zodiac sign may classically possess that you won't necessarily identify with. But by looking at this different level of insight, and if it may ring true for you, it can help figure out some self-esteem boosters. Here are a few common self-esteem struggles for each zodiac sign, as well as how to balance them out.

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1Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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While Aries is often considered one of the more confident signs of the zodiac, that doesn't mean they're immune to self-esteem issues. "They can be super competitive, and if they lose a promotion, competition, or anything like that, the feelings of insecurity can transfer to every area of their life," Lang says.

To remedy this, Aries can benefit from learning how to give themselves a break. A competitive personality can come in handy at work, for sure. But for Aries, it's all about learning how to turn that workaholic mentality off occasionally, and striking a healthier work/life balance.  

2Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Taurus loves to feel secure, so anything that throws that off can cause a serious case of doubt and worry. If their relationship is on the rocks, for example, it can knock their self-esteem down, and cause all sorts of stress.

Taurus also tends to worry about money, and they can feel insecure regardless of how little or how much they have. "No matter how much money Taurus has in savings, they can have self-esteem issues regarding their finances," Lang says. "They could either have guilt for having too much while others struggle or frustration because they would like more financial security."

One way to deal with that guilt, and to take the focus off themselves, is by volunteering. By focusing on others, and giving back, it won't matter as much to Taurus what they do or do not have.

3Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Since Gemini prides themselves on their intellectual abilities, their self-esteem can plummet if they feel shaky on certain subjects. "This can lead to low self-esteem, especially for those involved in grad school or PhD programs with demanding professors," Lang says.

And this can be made worse by one of Gemini's bad habits. "Gemini can develop a lack of confidence because they often speak without filtering their thoughts," Lang says. "They have a strong need to communicate, and this makes them sometimes say whatever comes to mind."

But that's where communication skills can come in handy. By improving their listening skills, and really paying attention before they share their (incredibly intelligent) thoughts, Gemini can be the great communicator they strive to be.

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4Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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Cancer takes a lot of pride in their relationships, so if things go wrong, they can be quite affected. "When most Cancers love, they expose their very sensitive hearts," Lang says. "If Cancer encounters a situation in which they feel abandoned by another person, they feel the pain long after the betrayal."

They also put a lot of weight in the careers and success. "If Cancer does not feel successful or goes through a professional dry spell, their self-esteem can dip," Lang says. "They take pride in their work." And while that's a great thing, Cancer can benefit from remembering that failure is not a reflection on their abilities. Some things are not destined to succeed, but if Cancer can realize that there is still the potential for success after failure, they can regain confidence.

5Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

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Leo loves to make friends, so their biggest self-esteem issues often stem from a fear of being rejected by others. "They are born to express themselves and to stand in the spotlight. Because this is a life path for them, when others reject or criticize Leo, they can take it to heart," Lang says.

They also tend to be a bit nit-picky about their appearance, and often feel less confident when their outfits aren't exactly right. "Leo often loves fashion, and they take pride in their outer appearance," Lang says. "Because of this, they may feel insecure if they aren’t at their best."

While it's fine to stand out and enjoy the spotlight, Leo can benefit from finding confidence in other areas of life too. By not putting so much weight on what others think, they can stay feeling confident, regardless of what's going on in their life externally.

6Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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Virgo tends to have their sh*t together, and is typically highly organized and successful. But they can suffer from nervousness, too. "They can have anxiety about social situations, for example," Lang says. "The tendency to worry can lead to a lack of faith in themselves and trust in the universe."

But this can be worked on, if Virgo feels like it's holding them back or hurting their self-esteem. By learning better coping skills — perhaps with the help of a therapist or loved ones — they can be more confident in social situations.

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7Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Libra is an extremely loving and caring sign. But they do have a tendency to take it a bit far, often to the point where they find themselves living in fear of disappointing others. "They can walk on egg shells, avoiding offending or hurting anyone," Lang says. "This is a habit that eats away at their self-confidence and makes them seem insecure."

But once aware of this tendency, they can start to work on it. "When Libra learns to assert themselves in relationships, they can end those self-esteem issues."

8Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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Scorpio can be tricky, because they rarely seem to have self-esteem issues. But that's only because they're really good at covering them up. "Scorpio has a tendency to hide their insecurities because they can fear seeming vulnerable," Lang says.

And yet, they have emotions just like everybody else, as well as insecurities and hurts — sometimes stemming from childhood wounds and past situations — that can affect their self-esteem.

As Lang says, "It’s best for them to release resentments and keep moving forward in life." And one way to do that is by reaching out to friends, their family, a partner, or even a therapist. If Scorpio can allow themselves to open up and let others help them, they can move on from the past, and feel better in the future.

9Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Sagittarius is easily affected by the actions of others — especially if they think someone has betrayed or deceived them. "These acts of betrayal cut into Sagittarius’s sense of faith in others and in the world," Lang says. "If it happens on a personal level, they feel the pain; if it happens on a social level, they can have a full crisis of faith."

They can also truly struggle with being wrong, or losing an argument. "Sagittarius doesn’t like to be wrong, and if their beliefs are challenged, this can cause self-esteem issues," Lang says. "They value truth, and they seek wisdom and higher understanding."

And while that's great, Sagittarius can always benefit from being more flexible. "When they can be flexible with their ideals, their minds can expand." And from there, they can feel more comfortable within themselves.

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10Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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A Capricorn is someone who often gets to work early, and stays super late. They're the hardest workers of the zodiac, but that doesn't always mean they have a clear career path. In fact, they often "lack direction in their professional life, [and] it can lead to self-esteem trouble," Lang says.

As a result, they can also be quite hard on themselves, even if they are having success in life. "Comparing themselves to others can give Capricorn self-esteem issues. They can have slight competitive tendencies," she says.

That's why Capricorn often benefits from mapping out their life, and possibly even meeting with a therapist or life coach, to find their own direction. In doing so, they can get sh*t done, while focusing on themselves — and not what everyone else is doing.

11Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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Aquarius tends to be the "non-conformist" of the zodiac, and with that can come some insecurities. "They are likely to be innovators and visionaries," Lang says. But they can also doubt themselves, and worry about standing out too much.

Relationship problems also keep Aquarius up at night. "As one of the more independent signs of the Zodiac, they can have a difficult time balancing their needs for freedom within a relationship," says Lang. But that can be easily remedied by keeping an open dialogue with their partner, so both partners are on the same page when it comes to how much time to spend together, and how much time to spend apart.

12Pisces (Februrary 19 - March 20)

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For sensitive Pisces, self-esteem issues can be par for the course. "They can be very sensitive and empathic, which means they can pick up on everyone else’s feelings as if they are their own," Lang says. "If their best friend is having a bad day, they feel it and can take it personally — even if it has nothing to do with them."

Pisces also tends to worry whether or not they're having "material success" in life. As Lang says, "Living in a material world can be an issue for Pisces. They can be idealists, dreamers, healers, and artists. As such, they may not feel confident in their ability to achieve material success."

To balance it all out, Lang says Pisces should try to strike a balance between their spiritual life and their material life, and to recognize that success comes in many forms. Stress-relieving activities are also great for Pisces, as it can help them deal with the anxiety they often feel from being so empathetic.

The traits associated with each zodiac sign can lead to various self-esteem issues, if they aren't properly balanced. By being aware of which self-esteem issues are most common for each sign, it'll be easier to catch them, and counteract them, so you can confidently be your most authentic self.

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