These Facial Expressions Define Super Bowl 2018 & ALL The Emotions You Felt

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Sunday evening, the Philadelphia Eagles secured a historic victory over the New England Patriots, beating them 41-33. The win marked the first-ever Super Bowl victory for the Eagles — and a devastating loss for the oft-victorious Patriots. The excitement stemming from the game sparked some pretty amazing facial expressions that defined Super Bowl 2018, which many on Twitter shared in all their glory.

The New England Patriots were favored to win the Super Bowl on Sunday — and a victory would have marked the team's sixth Super Bowl win. Thus, the Eagles' first-ever victory was rendered even more impressive by the fact that they beat the consistently-successful Patriots. Both Eagles and Patriots fans' reactions to the game certainly illustrated this point.

Indeed, immediately after the Super Bowl ended, Eagles fans flocked to downtown Philadelphia, with aerial photos showing thousands of people taking to the streets to revel in the festivities. Moreover, according to CNN, "Eagles" was trending worldwide on Twitter, with almost 3 millions tweets shortly before midnight on Sunday. And while Patriots fans were certainly less outspoken in words and actions, some of their reactions to their team's loss spoke volumes.

Thus, without further ado, the following list reflects the many facial expressions that defined Super Bowl LII and its myriad meanings for thousands of fans around the country.

A Diehard Eagles Fan

therab on Twitter

People were super impressed by actor Bradley Cooper's impassioned support for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Less Than Thrilled

shiratarlo on Twitter

This Twitter user shared a seemingly iconic photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, drinking a glass of wine during the game. Surely, lots of people related to her.

A Remarkable Victory

ewerickson on Twitter

This GIF likely epitomizes the reactions of Eagles fans around the country.

Facetime Fun

tamtam_916 on Twitter

These two Eagles fans shared a snap of their FaceTime call shortly after the Eagles won.

Smiling For Days

damnlookathim on Twitter

This man summed up his reaction to the Eagles' win with one photograph.

Sad Tom Brady

mcorreakhou on Twitter

Many users shared pictures of the seemingly disappointed Brady as the Patriots' prospects for victory diminished during the game.

Super Bowl Champions

miles_teller on Twitter

Actor Miles Teller proudly celebrated the Eagles' victory.

A Coach's Triumph

eagles on Twitter

This photo of Eagles coach Doug Pederson epitomizes the joy felt by the team after its Super Bowl victory.

Foles' Sweet Victory

nytimes on Twitter

A photograph of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles captures the player's happiness shortly after his team's victory.

A Win For Dad

foxnews on Twitter

This photograph of Foles cradling his baby daughter amidst victory confetti highlights the joyous nature of post-victory celebrations.

Angry Bill

lzupk on Twitter

This user shared a GIF of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick appearing to be quite angry during the Super Bowl game.

An Emotional Night

fox29philly on Twitter

This photo of Eagles player Brent Calek shows the emotional impact of the Eagles' historic victory.

Number One

eaglesinsider on Twitter

Eagles commentator Dave Spadaro reveled in the team's success.

The Scent Of Victory

bleacherreport on Twitter

The excitement of Eagles fans was real.


thefanspodcast on Twitter

Some on Twitter shared photos and GIFs to try to capture the sentiments of Patriots fans.

A Symbol Of Victory

bbrooks_79 on Twitter

Eagles player Brandon Brooks shared a photo demonstrating the significance of the victory for the team.

Fans Of All Ages

dess_bane on Twitter

This 99-year-old Eagles fan was utterly joyous after watching his team secure victory.

Overall, these photos highlight the many reactions of fans and players to the 2018 Super Bowl, demonstrating why it will be one that many remember for years to come.