These George Clooney Quotes About Having Kids Show The Actor Has Mixed Feelings On The Matter

Following Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement heard 'round the world, all eyes are apparently on other celebrities who could be expecting, because now Amal Clooney is reportedly pregnant, according to Us Weekly. (Bustle has reached out to George’s rep for comment, but has not heard back at this time. Amal’s rep could not be reached.) But before we jump to any conclusions, let's remember this isn't the first time someone's stoked the baby rumor mill for this couple. More importantly, George Clooney's quotes about kids show he's had mixed feelings about the matter — or at least when discussing it publicly.

That's not to say he doesn't want children, but when he does or how he and Amal choose to reveal it should be on their own terms. Besides, the man has the right to change his mind. He was famously averse to tying the knot until he met Amal, and now they're heading into their third year of marriage. Maybe they just want some time to themselves first, or maybe they’re perfectly happy not being parents. Whatever their decision, it’s a personal one.

For those that are still curious, take a look back at what he's had to say on the subject so far.

"I think it's the biggest responsibility you'll have, and it's not something to be taken lightly."

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Back in 2006, Clooney spoke about kids to People magazine. Here's the quote in full:

"I think it's the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. I think it's the biggest responsibility you'll have, and it's not something to be taken lightly. I don't have that thing in me that says, 'must do it'. I don't see myself ever having kids. But everything in my life has changed over periods of time, and the world does change."

"It's not something I sit around saying: 'I'm never having kids! I'm never getting married!"

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Clooney also said this while talking to People in 2006. He continued,

"That's not how I live my life. My life is really about work and friends and those kinds of things."

"I will bring lots of kids to the red carpet."

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During a 2009 press conference, Clooney joked that playing a dad in Fantastic Mr. Fox already made him feel like a father. He added,

“Just having Jason [Scwartzman] here next to me makes me feel like a father. He just got married, so I feel like a grandfather. I’m jumping right into it. I will bring lots of kids to the red carpet.”

"I’ve thought about it I suppose, but I haven’t really – it hasn’t been high on my list."

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Clooney said this on the CBS This Morning show back in 2015.

"Yes, but we're taking our time."

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Later in 2015, Clooney told German newspaper Bild that he and Amal weren't rushing into anything.

And that's about it. He hasn't been incredibly vocal about his attitude toward having children, so it's hard to guess what his future plans may be. But that's the key: It's his and Amal's future, and what that means for their family is entirely up to them.