These Trump "Hard At Work" Memes & Tweets Will Give You LIFE

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When the White House released photos of Donald Trump "hard at work" on Saturday after the government had shut down on Friday night, their ostensible goal was to show that the president was doing everything possible to avoid the shutdown. Twitter, however, had other ideas. Numerous memes and tweets of Trump on the phone, one of the photos the White House released, revealed that few people were actually convinced of the president's work ethic.

The photograph of Trump talking on the phone, for example, drew criticism based on the fact that it showed Trump talking on the phone at an empty desk, lacking even a pen and paper. Another photo showed him striding down the West Wing Colonnade alone, and a third showed him surrounded by senior staff members at the White House. It appears as though they're all clearly and laughing at something he's said, but Trump himself is standing with his mouth shut. Another much-mocked element of the photo collection was the fact that in each one, Trump is wearing a white MAGA hat.

The White House's strategic mistake, however, is your comedic gain — here are some of the best jokes to come out of this particular photographic misstep.

There's A Comparison To Be Made

Either Trump's work style has changed, or one of these is posed.

What's Real And What's Photoshopped?

Honestly, with this administration, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.

Who Wore It Better?

Really, the phone looks equally natural in both pictures.

A Familiar Meme Returns

In the collective Twitterverse mind, Biden and Obama are still going strong.

Maybe There's A Pattern Here

Trump has always boasted that he's a hard worker — so why is it so difficult to make him look like one?

Really, We Can All Relate

As everyone knows, staring off into space while on the phone is when the real magic happens.

Here's One Explanation

Hey, getting the delivery order right can be hard work sometimes, right?

From One Very Stable Genius To Another

One of these workspaces belongs to a Nobel Prize winner — which, do you think?

Maybe This Is How It Happened

Maybe they actually had a really extensive photo shoot, and this was the best thing that came out of it.

This Could Be An Everyday Occurrence

I mean, we've all been there.

An Appeal To #DeskTwitter

Maybe Trump's just embraced that whole minimalistic trend?

He Just Looks Uncomfortable

If you've ever sat in a chair or talked on a landline phone — have you ever done it like that?

This Guy Wasn't Fooled

Apparently the "President Phone" strategy didn't work, though, because the government shutdown is still ongoing.

Here's A Fun Game

It's like one of those games where you have to find the minute differences between two drawings — except this time, the differences are a bit more significant.

Who Needs More Proof Than This?

Honestly, it would have been more believable if he had just said he was working and left it at that.

Shouldn't This Be An Everyday Thing?

We generally think of the White House as a pretty busy place. Are we wrong?

The Great Negotiator Hard At Work

Maybe this really is what goes into the art of the deal.

Still Waiting For The Master Troll

Former Obama photographer Pete Souza has become an expert-level Trump troll, and he often responds to absurd moments from the Trump administration with appropriate photos from his time photographing President Obama. Now, the internet is calling on him — what does real work at the Resolute Desk look like?

This isn't the first time Twitter has trolled Trump — and it certainly won't be the last. But until the next "covfefe" moment or on-the-phone photo opp arises, you can enjoy the glory of these tweets.