You'll Never Look At Trump's Ties The Same Again After These Memes

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

People throughout the world have many different opinions about President Donald Trump as the leader of the United States. Yet, everyone should be able to put their differences aside to agree on one thing: the businessman's sartorial choices. Specifically, I'm talking about his ties. Often, Trump is spotted in business situations wearing a tie that is uncomfortably long. And the internet has finally found a brilliant way to poke fun at his unfortunate accessory through the Trump Ties Twitter account, which features images of Trump's long ties Photoshopped to lengthen them to the extreme.

It is widely agreed that a man's tie should fall to the middle of his belt. However, Trump fully ignores this rule and dares to wear ties that reach several inches below, hanging down awkwardly for all to see. Making matters worse, he tends to keep his suit jacket unbuttoned, thereby allowing everyone to see just how long his tie is.

Luckily, some people saw Trump's ties and found an opportunity to create comic relief. The altered pictures of Trump show him doing normal things like holding press conferences, walking with wife Melania, or having dinner with Mitt Romney, all with exaggeratedly long ties. The ties sometimes drag along the floor, wrap around his companion's arm or get caught on a reporter's microphone. No matter the situation, it's always hilarious.

Walking With Melania

That tie is really too much for just one person to handle.

Congratulating Neil Gorsuch On His Nomination

This is what bringing on a new Supreme Court nominee means.

Making Romney Squirm At Dinner

Not necessarily because of the tie, but the other stuff, like refusing to back his nomination.

Making A Reporter's Job More Miserable

She did not get a good sound bite that day.

Walking With Chris Christie

Hopefully he doesn't trip over that long tie.

Nothing A Little Tape Can't Fix

He might need some more scotch tape for a tie of that size.

Hanging With Kanye

Someone should tell Kayne it's rude to step on someone's tie.

Offering A Hand To Justin Trudeau

I imagine Trump saying, "Isn't this tie great? It's the perfect size."

This isn't the first time Trump's ties have made the news. Back in December, Trump was photographed in Indiana disembarking from his plane when a strong wind picked up and his tie was blown around, revealing the fact that it was held together with scotch tape on the back.

Apparently, Trump did try changing up his look at the beginning of March when he made his first joint address to Congress, to which he wore a suit with shorter sleeves and buttoned his jacket for a more tailored effect.