You Can Book A 'Hobbit'-Inspired Airbnb In Ireland Right Now

If you’re hoping to take your holiday abroad this year or just need a last-minute getaway, look no further than this cozy little Hobbit-inspired Airbnb in Ireland. It’s basically an excuse to turn your entire holiday vacation into a Lord of the Rings themed excursion.

Dubbed the CroPod, the cabin is located in the County Donegal countryside. The “mountain pod” has all your typical Airbnb amenities: a double bed, kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy workspace. However, it’s all in a space tucked into the side of a literal mountain. Per the Airbnb listing, the CroPod combines contemporary design with Irish archaeology. Lest you fear this an archaic Airbnb, taking the Hobbit theme to its extreme, the CroPod does include indoor plumbing, heat, and Wi-fi access. Unfortunately, neither Elijah Wood nor Martin Freeman are listed as part of the amenities.

In classic Hobbit fashion, the CroPod comfortably houses just two, average-human-sized guests, making it best for a romantic getaway, an end-of-year trip with a friend, or the perfect space for a solo vacation to the Irish countryside. You’ll be a short walk from a secluded beach and have easy access to the mountain where you can see the seven lakes the view boasts. Even if you choose to stay inside the Hobbit house your whole stay, you will not be disappointed.

Last year, the Irish Independent named the CroPod one of the best places to stay in Ireland. It also made the Irish Times’ list of amazing places to stay in Ireland earlier this year. On Airbnb, reviewers have described it as a “very unique experience to truly disconnect from trappings of modern life and reconnect with yourself.” Another reviewer said it was “an absolutely amazing experience,” noting that “waking up to the view of the lough from the pod was breathtaking.” Others have noted that the tiny design doesn’t come at the cost of comfort or amenities, in case you were concerned that you’d be huddling around a self-made fire, Hobbit-style.

A stay from Dec. 22 until Dec. 25 will cost you £315 ($412.66 US). While it doesn’t include the £42 cleaning fee or the £42 service fee, the £77 per night price tag (which converts to a little more than $100 US per night) isn’t as absurdly expensive as you might expect from a unique, pop culture-themed Airbnb listing.

Also, at the time of publication, there are still a number of spots open throughout December if you truly are looking for a last-minute getaway. While Christmas night and the days around New Year’s Eve are currently booked, you could certainly surprise someone with Christmas Eve in Ireland.

If you haven’t racked up enough points to fly to Ireland on the cheap, there are plenty of Airbnb spaces stateside that are Hobbit-inspired. There’s this Underground Hygge cabin in Orondo, Washington, which goes for $250 per night. This Hobbit Dream Home can sleep up to four people and takes its Hobbit decor very seriously. There’s this Secluded Hobbit House near San Diego, California and this Hobbit House in Tennessee. In other words, if you’re looking to live out your Hobbit-inspired dreams in the near future — or just like the idea of staying somewhere out of the ordinary — you'll have lots of choices.