Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 Ad Campaign Features Women Age 18 To 73

You’re probably already in love with the no-hassle underwear from this brand, but you’re about to fall head over heels for these fine little underthings. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 ad campaign, which was directed by Sofia Coppolo, features models of different ages, and it was an ultra cool move for the company.

The campaigns to come from Calvin Klein have been pretty unforgettable. They’ve used the cast of Moonlight as well as model Brooke Shields and many other legendary stars, and now you can add the “Calvin Klein Or Nothing At All” campaign to the list of epic advertising. According to PopSugar, the video features actresses Kirsten Dunst and Rashida Jones, the iconic Lauren Hutton, Nathalie Love, Chase Siu Wonder, Laura Harrier and more.

According to Vogue, the models in the video range from age 18 all the way up to 73 (Hutton) — all in Calvin Klein undergarments, of course. Calvin Klein isn’t the only brand to work toward being more inclusive. Brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline and the SmartGlamour label have been making strides to feature a wider range of ages, gender identities and sizes, respectively. It definitely does not go unnoticed, and as far as the fans are concerned, this recent spot is completely on-message for the type of promotion that we need more of in 2017.

All of the women featured in this ad are stunning, regardless of age.

The only regret fans have is that there wasn't even more of Hutton in this ad. Because they can't get enough.

Hutton seriously slays in this campaign.

Fans are obsessed with how beautiful Hutton looks in her Calvin Kleins.

But then again, all of the women are absolutely killing it!

Because age inclusivity is always a win.

That's precisely why this campaign couldn't be more fabulous.

Let's hope there are plenty more like this in the future.