This Girl Replaced All Her Family Photos With Pics Of Her Dog

Just in case you haven't gone into cute dog overload, there's more adorable and hilarious stuff going viral this week that can and will send you down a rabbit hole of adorable photos. And why not? With everything happening in the world, sometimes you just need a break. By break, I mean hours of consuming internet junk food in the form of parody counts, "best of" listicles, random quizzes, and of course, puppies! This time, we owe it to 21-year-old Marissa Hooper for secretly swapping out her family photos and featuring their dog Dixie.

At first, this started as more of a way to drive her mom crazy, but the internet had other plans. After her mom Kathryn began noticing the odd changes a few weeks later, Hooper told BuzzFeed, “It was kind of embarrassing." But nonetheless, once she tweeted out her images, a viral moment was born.

Of course, no one on Twitter could handle it. After Hooper tweeted about her plan, it was hard look away. It was all just too funny! But it wasn't just the photos that were worthy of praise, it was Hooper's creativity. Recreating everything from a photo of her grandmother to her graduation photo, it's easy to see why Twitter users just couldn't contain themselves.

If you're having a "why didn't I think of this moment," you aren't the only one.

If you aren't impressed at this point, you can't be saved!

The only way to settle a dispute of this magnitude is with a Twitter poll, duh!

This is becoming so popular, everyone might start calling posting their chihuahua as a #DixieMoment.

As you can see, there are few boundary lines engaged Twitter users won't cross. Arguably, Dixie could be adding something to the Twitterosphere that could double as the one thing that can bring peace in a pretty divided country. We may not all agree on politics, but Dixie is undebatable.

And if that wasn't enough, Dixie got her own Insta! What more do you need? All we are missing now is a kick starter page for future content.

So if you're tired of debating if 45 should have a Twitter or what "covfefe" actually means, these adorable photos of a chihuahua in a carefully constructed wig should do the trick. Dixie shows us that nothing can stand in the way of Twitter users and their obsession with pint-sized dogs. #DixieForMankind.