This 'I Feel Pretty' Clip Of Amy Schumer Will Make You Want To Shout Self-Love Into The Nearest Mirror

Imagine how unstoppable you'd be if you could move throughout the world without any insecurities — about your looks, your intelligence, your worth or anything else. You could take over the world, right? Well, in the new bawdy, absurdist and hilarious comedy I Feel Pretty, in theaters everywhere April 20th, we see what that looks like in one girl's world.

With an all-star cast (including Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski, Aidy Bryant and Busy Phillips) and whip-smart, hilarious writing, I Feel Pretty tells the story of Reneé (played by Schumer). She's an insecure girl living in NYC, feeling invisible, working a less-than-glamorous job as the "back of house" staff of a cosmetics company. She wants nothing more than to be undeniably, head-turningly, knockout beautiful, just like the world socializes all women to blindly strive towards. But one day, following a coin flip into a fountain and an accident at SoulCycle, she finds that her wildest dreams have come true (well, at least in her own mind).

And while she may look exactly the same IRL after her accident, she opens her eyes to see herself as what she's always wanted to be — model-level, societal ideal gorgeous. Needless to say, she's a little stunned, much to the confusion of the gym instructor nursing her back to life. I mean, if you suddenly saw a different person in the mirror, your reaction might look something like this.

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With the self-assuredness of seeing herself the way she's always wanted to, we go on to see Reneé land her dream job, fall in love, and perform a truly silly yet endearing and personality-infused dance number at a boardwalk bar. She learns not to hold back, pursues her goals free from the concerns of judgment and failure, and teaches us all a lesson in the process. Society may make you think that appearances should inform your self-worth, but you don't need to let that nonsense make you feel less than. Believe in yourself, and the world is your's to conquer.

With that, find the nearest mirror, lock eyes with yourself, and scream it at the top of your lungs. "I'M BEAUTIFUL!!" Extra points if you do this in your work bathroom mirror.

This post is sponsored by I Feel Pretty, in theaters everywhere this Friday, April 20th.