Lonely Lingerie Is Donating All Proceeds To Help Sexual Abuse Victims

Courtesy of Lonely

If you're feeling like your bra and undies collection could use a little updating, there's no better day to get it done than Thursday, June 29. That's because for an entire day, New Zealand lingerie brand Lonely is donating all proceeds to EvasWish, a charity started by Eva McGauley, a terminally ill teen on a mission to help sexual abuse victims and inspire young people to take action for causes they're passionate about.

The charity, which also officially launches on June 29 as well, will have three main pillars, according to Oyster Magazine: To provide guidelines for schools to use when a sexual assault happens between students, improve sex ed in New Zealand, and provide a platform for people to stand up for what they believe in. And McGauley, who has nasopharyngeal cancer, is a prime example of what that looks like: Even before starting her own charity, after seeing the effects sexual abuse had on people around her, she raised $60,000 to help support people living with the aftermath.

"At the heart of EvasWish is my need to create a world that I can feel safe leaving my loved ones in without me being there to look after them,” says McGauley. "I am so thankful to Lonely for not only supporting EvasWish but also young women across the country.”

It's no wonder McGauley is also being featured in Lonely's ongoing journal portrait series, Lonely Girls. The series highlights an inspiring and diverse range of women (like McGauley) wearing their pretty and body-pos lingerie in candid snaps. The series has also featured 57-year-old Mercy Brewer and Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirk.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like scooping up a little something pretty tomorrow in the name of an amazing cause. Here are five bras to save in your online shopping cart today to decide on tomorrow.

1. Effie Softcup Bra

Effie Softcup Bra in Black, $84, Lonely

The scalloped detail gives off some dark mermaid vibes.

2. Effie Midline Bra

Effie Midline Bra in Chartreuse, $98, Lonely

There's something about a midline or longline bra that just feels extra luxe.

3. Winona Softcup Bra

Winona Softcup Bra in Oxblood, $62, Lonely

The velvet strap detail gives this pretty bralette a little extra something.

4. Agnes Underwire Bra

Agnes Underwire Bra in Ivory, $65, Lonely

This isn't your average basic white bra.

5. Lena Softcup Bra

Lena Softcup Bra in Marigold, $58, Lonely

This is a tough hue for many people to commit to, but on an undergarment, it's the perfect pop of color.