This Map Of Where The UK Parliament Attack Took Place Explains The Connection To Westminster Bridge

Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

UK Parliament is on lockdown after an incident in Westminster took place Wednesday afternoon involving the stabbing of a police officer in the House of Parliament and a motorist hitting five people on the Westminster Bridge. According to the Metropolitan Police Twitter the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack. Amidst some confusion in early reports, it was unclear if there were multiple incidents or just one, but a map of where the UK Parliament attack took place clarifies the connection to Westminster Bridge; the car involved traveled over Westminster Bridge before crashing into a perimeter fence outside the Palace of Westminster.

BBC is reporting that one woman has died on the Westminster Bridge. Police have just released a statement stating there are “a number of casualties, including police officers,” but have not confirmed numbers.

Details are still coming in about the incident, but here’s what we know so far:

  • Members of Parliament reported hearing gunshots before being put on lockdown
  • A police officer was stabbed inside the gate of the House of Parliament
  • The attacker struck multiple pedestrians while crossing the Westminster Bridge
  • The alleged assailant was shot by police after crashing the vehicle into the railings

Reports have confirmed that Prime Minister Theresa May is safe. CNN reports Buckingham Palace has closed its gates as a precaution. The House of Commons has been suspended and members of Parliament were told to stay locked in and away from windows.

Labour MP Jon Ashworth tells the Press Association he and fellow Members of Parliament are in a state of “absolute shock.” He also says that in addition to today being one of the busiest days of the week, given the Prime MInister’s Questions, Parliament was full of visitors. More to come as this story develops.