This MUA Uses Makeup Palettes To Create Celebrity Portraits & The Results Are Wild — PHOTOS

Usually, we think of makeup swatches and painted portraits of celebrities as two separate things... but they don't have to be. Take, for instance, the work of Netherlands makeup artist Liza Kondrevich — who brings new meaning to the term "makeup artist." You see, she renders pictures of well-loved celebrities, using only makeup — and the results are flat out stunning.

Her latest work, featured across her social media accounts, is especially gorgeous. The subject? Rihanna, as pictured on the April 2015 cover of Harper's Bazaar China. The materials? None other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette alone. Oh, and let's not forget the canvas — the artist's own forearm, of course. In a brief video set to a remix of Rihanna's own "Work," Kondrevich deftly captures the singer's exquisitely contoured face, dramatically winged liner, and trendy matte oxblood lips — as well as her trademark impish smize.

To say the least, it's definitely an interesting new way to swatch the shades on your favorite palettes — is this what you'll be doing next time you treat yourself to a new ABH lip palette? Watch the amazing Kondrevich in action, and see the artistry for yourself.

It's downright awe inspiring, right? Take a closer look.

You'll definitely also want to watch her recreate Kim Kardashian's black and white Balmain ad.

No wonder Kondrevich has a substantial 145 thousand followers on her Instagram account, right If you're interested in her work, a scroll through her various social media accounts is definitely in order — she's known for her hyper-realistic face charts, which you can also see her do on her YouTube channel.

Liza Kondrevich on YouTube

No matter how you cut it, this makeup artist is definitely worth following.