This Smartwatch Helped Our Branded Fashion Editor Conquer The Day

We've all had those days before: You know, your morning starts off late with a nonexistent alarm, your commute is sidelined by a traffic jam, and once you get to the office, your to-do list is approximately 237 miles long.

Anything that can possibly go wrong inevitably does, and you're in a race against time to get everything done before the clock runs out. It's times like these when you can use a sidekick with the superpower of meeting deadlines, which — funny enough! — we've actually come across.

In partnership with Fossil, we introduced the Hybrid Smartwatch into such a day in the life of our branded fashion editor Elly Ayres. While it looks like a traditional watch at first (hands and all!), its smartwatch capabilities actually outfit you with everything from message notifications and step-counting technology to remote picture-taking and more. Take a look!

This post is sponsored by Fossil.