This Smartwatch Will Take You From Workouts To Work Deadlines In Style

There's no worse feeling than racing to meet a work deadline that you 100 percent forgot existed. This is bad, you think. You've really done it now!

Your palms get clammy. Your mind races with fantastical scenarios that all end with the termination of your job, effective immediately. So if your forgotten assignment includes trying three workout classes in one day, the task ahead is enough to make one, well, sweat.

Enter the timeliest helper: the Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch, a perfect combination of classic design and modern tech that lets your track your heart rate, receive notifications, and more.

Watch the video below to see what happens as editor Suzanne McKenzie races the clock to meet her deadline. Will she make it with the help of her Fossil smartwatch? (Spoiler: she still works here and is doing great.)