Talented Teen Paints Celebrities On Her Face With Makeup

While you're busy trying to even out your eyeliner wings, a teen from Oregon is using makeup to draw mini masterpieces on her eye. Emily Oliver, who is 15 years old, uses makeup to draw celebrities on her face, incorporating them into her eye makeup, and it is incredibly impressive.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Oliver explained how exactly she began drawing celebrities' faces with makeup, saying that she started experimenting with more creative makeup a few months ago, and wanted to create a look inspired by Rihanna in the music video for "Wild Thoughts." While most people might've just drawn inspiration from the colors in the video, Oliver took it a step further — by actually drawing Rihanna on her face using makeup.

According to Oliver, this look took her four hours, which is really impressive when you think about the exquisite detail in her Rihanna makeup drawing. Oliver then went on to try her hand at painting a few more celebrities, including Beyonce and beauty influencers Jaclyn Hill and Jackie Aina.

It took Oliver months to master drawing celebrity faces out of makeup, which is to be expected, however, she does have a drawing and painting background, which provides some context for her mad skills.

Oliver admits that she likes drawing celebrities with makeup more than with traditional mediums.

Moral of the story? Oliver is insanely talented and definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

You can follow Emily Oliver on Twitter to see all of her makeup creations.