We May Have Already Seen Host Teddy In 'Westworld' Season 3 — Just In A Different Body

Teddy could return to Westworld Season 3.

Westworld's Season 3 premiere introduced a few new and intriguing characters, but they may not all be as unfamiliar as they seem. A new theory suggests Teddy is in Westworld Season 3 — and we've already seen him, just in a different body.

At the end of the premiere episode, Dolores escaped what looked like certain death by pretending to be incapacitated, only to go full Terminator and kill pretty much all of her Incite captors. This included Martin Connells, who was killed by a host replica of himself. Whose consciousness could be inside Connells? The Ringer theorizes it might be Teddy, who died by suicide in Season 2.

We learned in the previous season that hosts' minds can be downloaded into a hard drive called a "pearl" and be placed into any host. When Dolores left the park (still inside Charlotte's body), she brought five of these "pearls" with her. One of them was Bernard, who she rebuilt in his own body. Who the other four are is still unknown.

Jerod Harris/WireImage/Getty Images

Why might it be Teddy? As The Ringer points out, host Connells seemed worried about Dolores after noticing she'd been shot in the stomach and was bleeding quite heavily. "You're hurt. Badly," he said. Dolores assured him that she would be fine, but the only person who's shown that much concern over her well-being is Teddy. And it makes sense that Dolores would choose his consciousness to bring with her: they had a close relationship, and she needs all the allies she can get right now. Having him so close to her new boyfriend Liam — the head of Incite — positions her perfectly to continue gathering information about Rehoboam now that Liam knows she's not who she says she is. The downside? If this theory is true, it means we're definitely not getting more James Marsden.