Why Tinder Gave Money To Users On Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Tinder asked users to tweet their ideal date for a chance to have the app pay for part, if not all, of it. The catch? Dates had to be expressed only through emojis. Using the hashtag #FundMyVDay people described what they were looking for in a date and why Tinder should fund it. By 4 p.m. over 1,000 people had already tweeted their dream date via emoji.

Throughout the day, Tinder, who teamed up with the app Square Cash to deliver the money, gave out a few dollars to some and over $200 dollars to others. While the contest was aimed towards providing money for a Valentine's Day date, the responses showed many single users had also received money, because hey, you can totally take yourself out on an emoji-inspired date.

Posting screenshots of the deposit, people explained what they'd use the money for, from eating ice cream with their dog to spending $5 worth of quarters on the arcade game Space Invaders. Many recipients tweeted that they would use the money to buy concert tickets to see Panic At The Disco! and Lady Gaga. Overall, the Twitterverse was very appreciative to Tinder for the monetary gifts.

Here are a few of the winners' emoji-formed date ideas, because Tinder and emojis go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Hello, Helicopter? It's Pasta Time.
Love The Ones You're With
This Date Is Literally Fire
No Dine, Just Wine
Cacti = The New Flower

Tinder reminded its users after the giveaway that if things didn't work out you can always keep swiping. Now, if only there were a swiping emoji.