Travis Scott Is Being Sued After Changing His Tour Schedule When Baby Stormi Was Born

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Kylie Jenner has kept a lot of what happened during her pregnancy and her baby's first few days of life private, but now we have another detail about what was going on earlier this year. Travis Scott is being sued after canceling a concert right after Stormi was born. And although it's not surprising that he would want to be with his girlfriend and new baby that soon after her birth, it sounds like he could be facing some serious damages if what the lawsuit states holds up. Bustle reached out to a rep for Scott for comment but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Scott allegedly signed a contract to perform at Myth Live nightclub in Minnesota on February 3 (two days after Stormi was born on February 1), but he allegedly "refused to show up for the event." He did perform a show at Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas instead that night — reportedly to stay close to Jenner and Stormi. Lifestyle concierge brand Notoriety advertised Scott's appearance on their website, and tickets were sold at The Ticketing Co. website.

PJAM, the promoter of the event, claims in the lawsuit that Scott was paid $150,000 in advance for his scheduled Minnesota performance, and that they also paid a $10,000 booking fee to his agent, as well as "significant sums Plaintiff paid to advertise the event, lease a large entertainment venue and to hire a staff of waiters, bartenders and other assistants for the night."

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PJAM is also claiming that Scott did not pay the $150,000 back, and that they have suffered "reputational harm" because of his cancellation, which he allegedly said was due to weather. Now, they're seeking damages, interest, and attorney's fees, and in their suit, they also requested a jury trial.

Back in February, TMZ reported that Scott wasn't able to make it to the Minnesota performance, and Gucci Mane performed in his place. According to the site, Scott's performance was scheduled at 10:30 that night, and then he was slated to take a private jet to Las Vegas, where he'd perform at the Marquee at 1:30 a.m. At the time, TMZ said their source said Scott was unable to do both thanks to "weather and logistical reasons," and a manager close to the club in Minnesota reportedly told TMZ that Myth Live promoters were unable to find a place close enough for Scott's private jet to land, making it impossible for him to be in Vegas on time. The site also added that fans were offered refunds.

The night he was scheduled to perform in both places, Scott didn't mention anything on his Twitter about the Myth Live appearance or the fact that it was canceled — instead, he posted about his excitement to take the stage in Vegas.

When news of Scott's cancellation first hit, reports began to surface speculating that it could be because Jenner was in labor. Being that she didn't announce Stormi's arrival until February 4 — the day of the Super Bowl and the day after Scott's performances — no one knew that she'd actually been born a few days earlier. Then, Jenner announced the news with an emotional video made of clips from the past nine months of her life, leading up to the day her and Scott's daughter was born.

A month later, Scott shared a photo of Stormi on Instagram for the first time, captioning it "our little rager." Although so many things about Stormi's life and Jenner's pregnancy have been kept quiet so far, both of her parents have been sharing glimpses here and there into their experience with parenthood.

So far, Scott has yet to comment on the suit himself.