Vegan Oscar Party Recipe Ideas

Whether you're a vegan and hosting an Oscar party for carnivores or you're a carnivore hosting an Oscar party for vegans, meal prep can be overwhelming. You want to make everyone happy and you have no idea what dishes will please both preferences. What's more complicated, there's totally a stigma that vegan food is this bland, vegetable ruffage that leaves you hungry and craving meatier proteins. You're so nervous about pleasing everyone that you're heavily considering resorting to theme and serving only popcorn and candy.

But because you're an adult, you know you need to offer real food, and there are so many gourmet and homey vegan dishes that are hearty and filling for anyone, no matter what their dietary preference. You don't have to stuff yourself with cold salad to get your fill. There are so many roasted, baked and fried vegan foods that are just as good as general dishes. Those are the kinds of recipes you want to look for when you're hosting.

You want the food to be so good that when your guests find out its vegan, they're surprised and inspired to change their mind about how they regard it. That's the ultimate win when you're cooking for a mixed crowd. Here are some of my favorite go-to vegan party dishes that are perfect for an intense Oscar-viewing party:

Spicy Vegan Chili

A Cozy Kitchen

Make a huge pot of this intensely warm veggie goodness and your guests won't have to fight over it. Check out the group-friendly recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

Roasted Green Bean Spring Rolls

Naturally Ella

These meat-free spring rolls will totally hit that ordered-in spot that you want to hit when you're about to sit down for a three hour program on TV. Check out the recipe on Naturally Ella.

Vegan Skewers

Naturally Ella

These grilled Sriracha and tahini potato skewers have a serious amount of flavor. Even meat lovers won't be missing their protein here. Check out the recipe on Naturally Ella.

Adobo Popcorn

Naturally Ella

Literally the perfect dish to snack on while watching movie awards, this is popcorn but lit. Check out the easy recipe on Naturally Ella.

Rainbow Veggie Plate

A Spicy Perspective

Instead of putting out a bunch of roughly chopped veggies in a plastic tray that everyone will pick through, create a beautiful display with these color-coded roasted veggies. Learn how on A Spicy Perspective.

Jacked-Up Sweet Potato Fries

Fo Reals Life

These fries are basically healthy. With cilantro, pepita and pesto to amp up that sweet potato flavor, your guests will be very pleased and impressed. Check out the recipe on Fo Reals Life.

Vegan Cheese & Pretzels

Fo Reals Life

Yes! They do exist. Check out this amazing recipe on Fo Reals Life to get that cheesy fix without breaking your vegan diet.

Eggplant Mini Pizzas

Fo Reals Life

OK, they're not exactly pizzas. But they're warm and gooey, and filling and have most of your favorite toppings. Plus, they're healthy. Check out the recipe on Fo Reals Life and feel free to add your own topping favorites.

Amped Up Cauliflower

Fo Reals Life

These spiced and roasted cauliflower florets taste just like nacho cheese, without all the chemicals. Enjoy with the help of this recipe by Fo Reals Life.