Victoria Beckham Is Reportedly At Odds With This Spice Girl Over Reunion Rumours

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These are emotionally trying times for Spice Girls fans. First, the five were reported to be playing at the Royal Wedding — and then they weren't. Then, when a reunion seemed out of the question, Mel B confirmed it was on the cards. Now, there's reports of a rift within the band, thanks to one member's reluctance to reunite. Victoria Beckham's long been vocally opposed to a potential reunion tour, but matters have reportedly soured further. In the name of Girl Power, please don't let it be true: has the potential Spice Girls reunion torn Mel B and Victoria Beckham apart?

According to The Sun, the pair are in conflict over Mel B (or Melanie Brown, if we're being formal)'s public confirmation of the reunion tour, a moment that struck joy into the hearts of Spice Girls fans around the world and united them in a global chorus of "Wannabe." An anonymous source told the paper, "Victoria’s been fuming over suggestions that she is holding up a reunion tour or comeback shows," adding, "And she is pointing the finger at Mel for building up fans’ hopes falsely." You know what's a great outlet for anger, Victoria? Singing. Ideally in a group. Preferably on stage; maybe in an arena, even? Bustle have reached out to Victoria and Mel B's representatives for comment, but are yet to receive a response.

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During an appearance on Loose Women in July, Mel B stated again that the Spice Girls were reuniting, saying, as the Evening Standard reports, "Yeah we are — we are getting back together. We are for sure. We are getting back together." (Mel B, you are a gift to the world.) The statement follows her previous reveal on The Today Show in June, where she confirmed, "We are touring. Should I have really said that out loud? Yes, we are going to be doing performances together for sure." Back in June, she dismissed Victoria Beckham's previous denials that a tour would take place, saying, "She’s always saying that. Stop it."

On Loose Women, Mel B went on to suggest that one Spice Girl was resisting the reunion, revealing, "There’s one that’s being a bit difficult…but I’m hoping she’s going to get roped in." And it didn't take long for fans to speculate that said Difficult Spice was Beckham, since she's been vocal in the past about her reluctance, telling Vogue "I'm not going on tour."

As a result, according to The Sun, Victoria Beckham's furious at Mel B. "Victoria was always up for a catch-up and the prospect of a celebration of the band’s work," said a source. "But going out on the road for concerts was never something she agreed to."

"Now she’s hit back at Mel and the pair on the verge of a major bust-up over the issue," the source added. "Every time Mel makes promises to the fans it leaves Victoria looking like a killjoy who is stopping it from happening and that just isn’t fair."

If Beckham's truly reluctant to tour with the Spice Girls again, fans should cut her some slack. After all, she revealed in 2016 that producers of the group's live shows used to "turn [her mic] off and just let the others sing," as the Telegraph reports — a move that can't have been particularly beneficial to her self-confidence. But Posh: just surrender yourself to the concept for a minute. Picture the little Gucci dress; the platform heels; the scream-sobs of a million Spice Girls fans re-immersed in the spirit of the 90s. Can you really tell me you're not tempted?