Video Of Cher Performing At The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Shows She's Always Gonna Be A Star

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Honored for her decades of success in the music industry, Cher performed at the Billboard Music Awards, singing two of her most recognizable and beloved songs, "If I Could Turn Back Time" and "Believe." This was before accepting her Icon Award, where she gave an incredibly humble speech. And while the reaction to her performance was huge, Cher attributed most of her success to nothing more than "luck" and the amazing people she's worked with. Of course, her own unforgettable talents probably have a lot to do with that success too — after all, as Billy Eichner pointed out on Twitter, she can still rock the original "Turn Back Time" wig and bodysuit, which was first released in 1989. And in her speech, she bragged that she can do a "five-minute plank." Five minutes? If that's true, this woman is truly superhuman.

And by going seamlessly from an electronic, energetic dance routine to an emotional ballad, Cher's Billboard Music Awards performance proves that it doesn't matter how many years pass; she is still one of the most amazing performers around — and she'll always have plenty of fans, including ordinary people and fellow celebs alike. There's a reason she was handed an award with "Icon" written on it at the BBMAs this year: She thoroughly fits the label.

And the best reaction of all came courtesy of a fan video from Céline Dion, who performed "My Heart Will Go On" earlier in the night, but stuck around to enjoy Cher's "Believe." This even led an impromptu singalong with everyone else backstage.

The fellow icon, Dion, even said, "Forget 71 years old, she's the best!" She basically echoed everyone and anyone else who happened to see Cher's performance.

If she can still turn it up like that after a half a century, nothing can stop Cher from being a huge star for the rest of her amazing life.