This Video Of Jamie Foxx Walking Away After Getting Asked About Katie Holmes Is EVERYTHING

In the latest edition of Celebrities That Don't Have Time For Your Nonsense, this video of Jamie Foxx leaving an ESPN interview after being asked about Katie Holmes is exhilarating. Foxx is currently in Los Angeles for the NBA All-Star Weekend. At this point, he and Holmes have never confirmed their relationship, which was a rumor long before any adorable photo evidence surfaced. So, how did Foxx handle being asked about Holmes during his on-court interview? He left. He straight-up left.

Without so much as a "thank you" or "later days!", Foxx removed his headset and microphone and calmly exited the interview. "Did we lose him?" ESPN anchor Michael Smith asked, baffled. Meanwhile, in the background, Foxx simply pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt and resumed warming up on the court. Predictably, fans are loving this exchange. (Bustle reached out to Foxx's rep for comment on his interview exit, but did not receive an immediate response.)

Foxx has never discussed his rumored relationship in the press, so why Smith thought he'd get an answer out of him here is anyone's guess. The exact question he asked is: "I saw some pictures... Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine's Day? Like some real Love & Basketball?" On that note, Foxx chose to end the interview. It's amazing. Maybe not the best way to handle the situation, but definitely the most entertaining one. After all, he doesn't have to answer any questions he doesn't want to, especially about something so personal. So "if you can't say something nice, walk out of the interview" seems like a solid rule of thumb to live by. Fortunately, Twitter agrees.

It's not like the anchor asked Foxx something super invasive. "Did you play basketball?" is an innocuous enough question. But if ESPN thought they'd be the ones to finally have Foxx confirm the rumored relationship between himself and the actor, they were severely mistaken. As you can see in the video, Foxx doesn't even hesitate; he's prepared to "Nope!" his way out of there. Maybe it's the smoothest way things could have gone? He didn't stick around to be asked more prying questions. He didn't say anything angry toward the anchors, and the anchors weren't disrespectful to him. They simply asked a question Foxx had no intention of answering — even if it was friendly in nature — and Foxx did a favor to both parties by heading back out onto the court.

On the other hand, he definitely drew more attention to the situation by leaving. As Twitter user @goldengateblond points out, Foxx essentially turned himself into a human meme. Abruptly, wordlessly leaving an interview? To go play basketball? That's prime fodder for the internet. It's just fun enough, nonsensical enough, and relatable enough to adore; it's an insta-meme. It also works because Foxx is so inherently likable, and leaving an interview to protect a rumored relationship is just so noble.

This whole situation is extremely sweet and endearing and a touch bizarre. And honestly? Good for Foxx. Fans often feel entitled to information about celebrities with bonkers amounts of fame. Both Foxx and Holmes have been in the public eye for so long, in and out of high-profile relationships, and it's easy to forget that that deserve just as much privacy as anyone else. They're good at staying low-key, though. Us Weekly revealed in 2015 that the pair had potentially been dating since 2013.

Fortunately, ESPN anchor Smith took the whole thing in stride. As you can hear in the video, his momentary confusion gives way to surprise, and then he's ready to move right on back to basketball. Twitter user @green_machine5 tweeted at Smith, joking that Foxx didn't like the question he was asked, to which Smith responded, "Ya think?"

Let Foxx schooling Smith live on air be a lesson to reporters worldwide: Don't ask him about his rumored relationship with actor Holmes. Just don't do it. Unless, of course, you're prepared to handle the scenario with the grace of Foxx and Smith.