'Jersey Shore' Fans Will Love Vinny's Clapback At Anyone Underestimating His Intelligence

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Vinny Guadagnino/Twitter

Like so many other science appreciators, former MTV talk show host and Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino isn't here for Trump's stance on climate change. When President Donald Trump tweeted a snarky comment on Thursday about how the East Coast could “use a little bit of that good old Global Warming” this upcoming frosty weekend, the former Seaside Heights resident was one of the countless folks who had a response for him. “I think climate change is more complex than global warming will make it hotter,” Vinny tweeted. “It has to do with disruptions of atmospheric conditions, ocean patterns, jet streams and sh*t like that.”

Now, what's that you say, Vinny? Climate change is a complex issue, you say? Do you mean to suggest that it's an incredibly complicated and important topic that cannot and should not be reduced to “if global warming was a thing, how come it’s really freakin’ cold out, hmm?” Might you go so far as to say you agree with 97 percent of published climate scientists? Speaking of temperature, Vinny’s take on global warming is the opposite of a hot one. Always knew you had a good head on your shoulders, Guadagnino.

Vinny put some nuggets of information out in the Twitterverse and let the science speak for itself. What a diplomatic and straightforward response. And, you know, "sh*t like that."

While many commended Vinny's reply, some Twitter users tweeted jokes about how it’s scary that a member of the Jersey Shore cast has a firmer grasp on the science of climate change than the former reality star currently running the country does. And that kind of ruffled Vinny's science-loving feathers.

While he understands the point people are making (i.e., it's pretty alarming how little *cough* the host of The Apprentice-turned-leader of the country *cough* seems to know and/or care about climate science), Vinny also wants to know why people are so quick to count him out, simply because he got drunk on TV at the beach for a few years. He tweeted,

“Per my last tweet about global warming and ppl saying it’s bad when someone from ‘jersey shore’ educates the president etc. I get the joke but why does having a summer shore house automatically make u stupid? No smart ppl ever partied with friends on weekends?”

He's an intelligent dude who happened to be on the Jersey Shore; the two things aren't mutually exclusive. Also? Someone should totally put “No smart ppl ever partied with friends on weekends?” on a T-shirt. Or a license plate frame. Or a baseball cap. Or on a mug. Heck, slap it on a duck phone. Landlines have to make a comeback at some point, right?

Anyway, Vinny was on a reality show about a group of 20-somethings who spent every summer gymming, tanning, laundering, making sure to put on a shirt before they changed into their going out shirt, and fist pumping, but that's no reason to be shocked that he knows some stuff about climate change. Like many people on this here ever-warming planet, the reality TV star contains multitudes.

In fact, in a 2011 edition of Us Weekly’s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” segment, Vinny revealed he graduated from CUNY College of Staten Island with a 3.9 GPA. He also shared that he was a “political science major and interned for a New York State assemblyman.” He’s a good-time Charlie and a good-time smarty.

No, "atmospheric conditions, ocean patterns, and jet streams" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "gym, tan, laundry," but hey, science isn't always catchy. And that's OK.