Watch This Dad Hilariously Narrate His Daughter's Makeup Routine

I don't know about your dad, but mine definitely doesn't know anything about beauty. Like, anything. So when I heard that a YouTuber asked her dad to narrate her makeup routine, I knew it'd be a recipe for hilarity.

The commentary went down on the channel Meggs and Bacon, which is run by a girl named Megan. She offers up makeup tutorials, unboxings, and DIYs to her 15,000 plus followers. And, just recently, this now-viral video. (As of this posting, there were two million views.)

The video shows Megan going about her usual daily makeup routine — applying primer, and foundation, and blush. But, instead of Megan narrating it like she usually would, her dad steps in to offer his take on things. Right off the bat, you hear him saying his daughter's E.L.F. primer is probably "made from the sweat of elves." (Too funny.) He then goes on to be as dad-like as possible.

Throughout the video, he calls out his daughter's makeup obsession. And, in true dad fashion, is quick to point out that her products and tools are probably a little too pricey, and maybe even a tad unnecessary.

meggs and bacon on YouTube

"I could use any brush, but I use this one because it makes me look fancy," he says about halfway into the video. This is followed by the hilarious "I don't like the eyebrows I was given, so I'm going to draw these in a little bit better."

Check out the video, and show it the fatherly figure in your life. But, unless you want to snag yourself some followers or have yourself a laugh, don't bother letting him comment on your makeup.