We Set This Couple A Valentine’s Day Challenge To Find Out How Well They *Really* Know Each Other

Courtesy of Sarah Lakos

There’s nothing more entertaining than asking a couple to do the “Mr. & Mrs.” game. For those uninitiated, it’s a quiz that asks couples to recall important facts about each other, putting their compatibility to the test. As you can imagine, plenty of hilarity ensues when lovers mix up (or flat-out fail to remember) milestones and favourite colours.

In partnership with Pandora — and just in time for Valentine’s Day — we did exactly that. Our victims? Sarah and Matt, who have been together for just over five years and engaged for two. How will they fare? Let’s just say Matt should check out Sarah’s wish list before February 14th...

While the Feast of Saint Valentine isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we think it’s the perfect excuse to tell someone you love them, whether that lucky person is a family member, best friend, flatmate, or the most important person in your life — you!

Ahead, our Valentine’s Day edition of the Mr. & Mrs. Quiz. You might even feel a little warm and fuzzy afterwards.

Go out or stay in?

Best holiday together?

What is her favourite type of gift?

What is his favourite type of gift?

Who is more romantic?

Ideal Valentine's Day date?

What three words would you use to describe your relationship?

What were their/your exact words when you/they proposed?

Where was your first kiss?

How did they do? A solid 5.5/9!

Here’s some gift-spiration to mark your fifth Valentine’s together…

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Stay close to your loved ones by wearing their initials with yours.

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Design: Emma Muro/ BDG.