These 3 Myers-Briggs Types Are The Most Trustworthy

People are obsessed with personality tests, and with good reason: who isn't interested in what they can learn about themselves? But learning about the personality types of the people around us might be even more valuable than focusing on our own test results. For example, knowing the most trustworthy Myers-Briggs type could be hugely beneficial when it comes to truly knowing the people around us. Who of your friends is most likely to keep a secret? Who in the workplace will most reliably have your back? What kind of partner can you trust full-heartedly? When it comes down to it, what personality type will put their word over all else?

These are the kinds of things you want to know about others, which is why it's important to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in more ways than one. Put the time into finding out what personality type you are, but also put some time in to finding out the personality types of others. Share the test with friends who haven't taken it, and discuss results with friends who have. While the test is just a starting point for self-discovery, there are some key aspects that it can detect pretty well, and trustworthiness is one of them.

Granted, you might already know who in your life is most trustworthy based on their behavior and your relationship over the years. But what about new friends? New co-workers? Prospective partners? Knowing what their personality type is could mean they are either worthy or unworthy of being let into your life, especially if trustworthiness is a paramount qualification for you.

There are certain aspects of a personality that indicate a person is naturally wired to be trustworthy. What makes a person trustworthy is their ability to be reliable, their understanding of loyalty, and their dedication to others. Being a trustworthy person is not necessarily synonymous with being an honest person. Sometimes being trustworthy means telling a white lie or omitting the truth for the sake of being loyal to someone who is counting on you. Some personality types are driven by truth, which could mean in certain situations they might betray your trust in order to tell the truth — which will always be their priority. Other personality types priorities relationships over all else, and those types make the best secret-keeping friends.

Typically, personality types that fall under the sentinels category, meaning that they're innate guards who are both protective and loyal, are considered to be highly trustworthy. The ISFJ type is known to be introverted, sensing, feeling — which makes them incredibly good friends and reliable partners. They're in tune with the needs of others and will do anything for someone they care about. And while their personalities are also judging, they have a unique ability to be flexible with their judicial system. If your best friend is an ISFJ and you tell them a secret that's not harmful to keep, they'll keep it.

Similarly, the ESFJ type values social responsibilities, and because of that, they're excited by an opportunity to prove their trustworthiness.

The ISTJ personality type comes in next for trustworthiness. Also known as the logician, the intuitive, sensing, thinking and judging personality type is the most reliable personality type on the chart. If you tell them to do something, you can trust that they will do it. They honor their word and their commitments above all else. If this person is committed to being your friend or to the job at hand, they're going to prioritize your trust.

While other personality types might have incredible trustworthy virtues, they're driven by other attributes, too.